Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Chasing The Sun

bikerumor pic of the day chasing the sun in your backyard

Photo submitted by Sean Fissel, “Here is a photo I snapped while I was out on a cross ride at a park down the street from my house. Sometimes we forget how beautiful our own backyards are…”

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L MEINO - 07/03/14 - 7:27am

That doesn’t look anything like the park near my house!

Ryan - 07/03/14 - 9:24am

So true, thanks for sharing.

NOHLIN - 07/03/14 - 11:15am

Wow Fissle, beautiful. That bike is so hip!

TheBearisBad - 07/03/14 - 11:34am

That ride looks lame, you’re lame.

FisselHater - 07/03/14 - 11:39am

That’s not your backyard.

Gromit - 07/03/14 - 12:53pm

What’s with that janky-a$$ paint job? Looks like La-La (the yellow Telletubby) threw up on your bike! No wonder you crossed out the logos…fo shizzle!

Unforgivable_Fist - 07/03/14 - 1:45pm

I saw this bike in person, as he rode by. He was wearing a beer coozie around his junk…and that’s it.

SWIZNOOSKI - 07/03/14 - 1:47pm

Haters gonna hate! That’s what we’re here for…

Murica - 07/03/14 - 1:48pm

That bike hates freedom

Psi Squared - 07/03/14 - 2:07pm

Well done with the piccie.

FisselHater - 07/03/14 - 2:07pm

Cool filter, bro. I remember my first instagram…

Libby - 07/03/14 - 2:10pm

Ha, i saw him at Chick Fil A with the doozie still on

FIZZY FAN - 07/03/14 - 2:12pm

I feel too often we overlook the great things within arms reach while we are gazing longingly at things that are not immediately ours. It is hard to not get sucked into that mental state when all of our technology operates like little windows to the things that we do not have, but if we can only focus on what we do have, and the beauty contained within, we will be so much happier. It does take the work of mentally reframing our situation and it does take the conscious act of turning away from the distractions, but when we do that work and we turn back to what is ours we will find a new kind of fulfillment. Or at least a pretty rad sunset to ride through.

Unforgivable_Fist - 07/03/14 - 2:14pm

Fissel stores his pet mice in the seat tube.

Fissel's_Mom - 07/03/14 - 2:14pm

Don’t listen to them, honey, you’re still #1. You’re beautiful and so is your bike! Also please take a bath. And call me back, you never call.

Dr. Sartorious - 07/03/14 - 2:18pm

Bro, you forgot your rear wheel.

sean fissel - 07/03/14 - 2:21pm

dr. sartorius in my thread? i feel famous now…

mellon - 07/03/14 - 3:19pm


Fissel worship - 07/03/14 - 4:02pm

All mighty Fissel, Your photo will be forever trending. You are my Forrest Gump, I would follow you anywhere, especially to your moms house!

saddlesniffer - 07/03/14 - 4:05pm

why don’t you have a kickstand to hold your bike up?!

Unforgivable_Fist - 07/03/14 - 4:44pm

I just had lunch with you and you looked very nice.

Greg - 07/03/14 - 5:38pm

Dude you are trespassing and I’m calling the authorities.

Psi Squared - 07/03/14 - 5:40pm

Where was this pic taken?

sean fissel - 07/03/14 - 6:03pm

Hey Psi – It was taken at Harvey Bear in San Martin, CA

GREG – I earned my line, ok breh?

GreatWorkEveryone - 07/03/14 - 7:17pm

You know, its been a real special day. We got to see a weird bike, a so-so trail, and Sean’s mom showed up. All in all, a real gold star day so I think we should all just go innovate… or die, whichever comes first.

Antipodean_G - 07/03/14 - 7:22pm


ZiDD - 07/03/14 - 7:42pm

nice…san martin. I used to ride a lot at Santa Teresa Park right after work.

Greg - 07/03/14 - 9:39pm

It was a joke, ok breh.

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