Pearl Izumi Launches Tejay Edition P.R.O. Leader II Shoes

Pearl Izumi Pro Leader Taj Edition
As extra motivation for this years Tour de France for Tejay van Garderen, Pearl Izumi is launching a limited edition version of their P.R.O. Leader II road shoes. Only a hundred will be made, and retail will be $300 USD.

More details after the break.

Pearl Izumi Tejay EditionTejay’s limited edition shoe have asymmetrical coloring. One has a black heel and red toe, while the other has a red heel and black toe. Tejay’s signature also adorns the velcro strap of the left shoe.

Pearl Izumi Tejay Edition SolesThe soles of the shoes feature Samurai warriors, which celebrate Tejay’s “Zen Warrior” mentality.

The shoes are available in the following sizes: 39, 40, 40.5, 41, 42, 43, 43.5, 44, 44.5, 45, 45.5, 46, 47, 48, 49. Woman can use unisex sizing, but expect the shoes to fit a little wider than a lady specific model

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Collin S - 06/27/14 - 9:14am

Does that mean that BMC dropped their Bont sponsorship?

Tom - 06/27/14 - 9:31am

Since a few years, teams don’t accept shoe sponsorships and all riders are sponosored individually. This is the third year already that Tejay is riding the PI’s. Gilbert is riding Vittoria, Greg Van Avermaet is riding S-Works…

Superstantial - 06/27/14 - 9:55am

Fun fact: The shoes use asymmetrical coloring because Tejay van Garderen doesn’t know his left from his right.

Ajax - 06/27/14 - 10:09am

If he doesn’t know left from right, the. He needs to go back to elementary school.

Superstantial - 06/27/14 - 10:43am

@ Ajax wow.

AlanM - 06/27/14 - 10:44am

“As extra motivation for this years Tour de France for Tejay van Garderen”

Nothing motivates a pro at the Tour like a pair of shoes.

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