Friday Features: Lars Sternburg Gets His Braap On, Cyclocross Training Tips from Transition, and More

Watch this edit for the loam shredding and 2 smoke noises, then stay for the  Super 8 footage of Bob Fox racing motorcycles in the 1970s.

Another Lars’n’Bars original, this launch video for the Transition Rapture bike is perhaps the greatest cyclocross training video ever made.

If you’ve been interested in picking up one of these frames, Transition just received their second batch of frames. The first sold out fairly quickly, so call your local dealer ASAP to reserve one.

On the completely other side of the spectrum, this teaser for the new CX film “For The Love of Mud” looks fantastic.

Anneke Beerten has been a world class BMX, 4x, and DH racer, but recently made the switch to Enduro racing. In this video, she dishes about training tactics, and her strengths and weakness as a rider, set against some great riding and racing footage.



Star Stevenson - 06/27/14 - 9:47am

Rad, smooth style. I would love to see some off the worlds best moto riders take out a double barrel DH bike for a day of lift assisted pleasure!

chasejj - 06/27/14 - 12:54pm

Now that was badass.
Especially the classic battle between DeCoster and Lackey at the end. Ahhhhh BITD.

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