The BikeParka Bicycle Cover Keeps Your Bike Dry Outdoors

BikeParka-Bicycle-Cover-1You don’t appreciate a garage until you don’t have one, and then a bike cover like the BikeParka becomes a god send. The simple cover has an elasticated bottom for a close fit around wheels, and eyelets for a bungie or small lock, and is large enough to cover almost any size bike.

In addition to the basic model, there is also an Urban version with a velcro side opening, that allows you to secure your bike and cover together in high risk neighborhoods. Both models fit in a small “stuff sac” that is convenient enough to carry. Both models retail for $59.99 and are available in either Ciel Blue, Ink Black, or Rosa Pink.

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Ajax - 06/25/14 - 10:04am

I like it. Seems like it would also be a good deterrent for bike thieves. It is a little expensive though. I’d like to see a video to see how easy it works before buying it.

Randall - 06/25/14 - 10:21am

How does this compare to the identical-looking Topeak product?

Topmounter - 06/25/14 - 11:09am

Can’t wait to see one of these on a roof rack traveling down the highway and the inevitable result.

ObligatedToSay - 06/25/14 - 11:43am

Most just use a garbage bag. Stretchy, disposable and cheap.

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