Kickstarter: Bowerbag Modular System Grows with your Needs

Bower Bag Kickstarter Modular SystemWhile many companies like Mission Works offer modular systems to help customize their backpacks to users specific needs, the Bower Bag concept seeks to take that idea one step forward. The system has five different bags, that can be easily connected or disconnected, using “BowerBuckles” to adjust the capacity of the bags to fit your needs of every situation.

Head past the break to learn more…

There are five different bags available: The base, bike, hip, duffel, and shoulder bag, and dozens of different ways  of stacking them together. If you’re interested in all five, the early bird special on Kickstarter is $360, but you can pick up a single bag for as little as $25.

Interested? Head over to Kickstarter. The company has currently hit ~$20k of their $115,000 goal, and they have twenty days left in the campaign.


Topmounter - 06/11/14 - 11:05am

Wow, how much did they pay to shoot and produce that promo video?

Josh - 06/12/14 - 7:58pm

Would you believe $0? It certainly does help having friends from design school go on to own their own production studio. 😉 They did an amazing job. Check them out at:

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