Spotted: New BMC 29er Spotted Under Aaron Bradford

Aaron Bradford New BMCSpotted on the Instagram account of Aaron Bradford, this unreleased 29er prototype looks ready to shred. It’s hard to observe anything concrete from the low resolution image, but it appears the bike does away from the curved top tube that punctuated the design language of previous BMC 29er models, but still uses the APS dual short link suspension.

It also appears that the bike has internal cable routing for the rear derailleur, as well as internal routing for a remote lockout on the rear shock.


Dr. No - 06/10/14 - 4:54pm

What’s it doing in Santa Cruz?

Dr. Sartorious - 06/10/14 - 5:13pm

What’s it doing in Santa Cruz? Long way from Grenchen.

LilJoe - 06/10/14 - 5:54pm

Dang Saris!! You quick girl! That looks so rad!!

The Guy - 06/10/14 - 7:06pm


G - 06/11/14 - 12:02am

Water tanks, upper campus, UCSC. Bradford’s a local.

Dr. Sartorious - 06/11/14 - 11:46am


I suppose it’s a stealth spot relative to Swiss-land! I expect to see Ibis/Santa Cruz/Specialized/Calfee/Rock Lobster products in and around SC!

G - 06/12/14 - 1:23am


And people do see those. Prototypes and one-offs are tested and ridden here so often that at most people just compliment you on a sick ride and wheel off on their own. It’s a funny place.

Saris Mercanti - 06/12/14 - 4:07am


Spot on. I’ve found that right around 2 PM on a weekday is prototype hour.

Bod - 06/12/14 - 4:28am

Aaron Bradford is a weird name for a horse

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