Spotted: New Fuel Ex 27.5 Prototype Tested by Keith Bontrager

Trek Prototype 650b Fuel Ex
It’s officially official that Trek is working on a new 27.5 Fuel EX. The rumors have been circulating on the internet for quite sometime, but this image posted by Keith Bontrager in December ads some credibility, and points to the new bike being released sometime later this year.

The Enduro/All Mountain oriented Slash 27.5″ model sits at 160mm of travel, and the more trail oriented Remedy 27.5″ is now sporting 140mm, so the new Fuel will likely sit at either 120-130mm of travel.

Everything is conjecture at this point, but we’ll keep you updated with more as we get it.


Slow Joe Crow - 06/09/14 - 4:06pm

If it preserves the suspension goodness of the early ABP equipped 26″ Fuel EX and adds the extra clearance I’d consider buying a new bike.

LilJoe - 06/09/14 - 4:08pm

They have the Fuel EX 7 and 8 in stock in good numbers with 9’s coming in at the end of the month. They look damn fine. 9 point series is a way off tho.

Colin - 06/09/14 - 4:10pm

the 9’s and the 9.’s have a super high zoot “F1” (lolz) shock too.

Jay - 06/09/14 - 4:42pm

Is this the same bike?

Dontcoast - 06/09/14 - 5:40pm

Um, trek announced the bike to dealers today…good timing huh?

Anyways Keith’s been ripping around on that bike for many many moons.

Haven’t ridden it but it looks good and if it’s any indication of the bike’s quality, the grumpy ol guy freaking shreds on it.

Jason - 06/09/14 - 10:11pm

I don’t know, I mean I get the 27.5, for some riders, or some coming off 26ers…but the reverse learning curve coming from a 29er is too steep for me….maybe I’m getting old, haha. I tried a couple of them so far, Remedy, and Giant….but I just don’t think I can go back down in wheel size. I love my Wagon Wheels…the next bike in my quiver will be a Fuel EX 29er.

k - 06/09/14 - 11:36pm

Fuel Ex is better suited towards 29er. Rode one the other day. I prefer the 27.5 Remedy, but yeah. Fuel ex 29 all the way. See no point on the 27.

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