Cannondale Breaks Down the All New 2015 F-Si

If you’re looking for an in depth play by play of the new F-Si wonder 29er from Cannondale, make sure to check out Tyler’s coverage here. If it’s the CliffNotes style video breakdown you see, check out the video above featuring Cannondale’s Lead Engineer on the project, Peter Denk. Of course Marco Fontana and Manuel Fumic help illustrate the advances with some skilled riding. For even more incredible shredding on the new F-SI make sure to check out Peter Sagan’s style if you haven’t already!


Bas - 06/04/14 - 10:17am

nah… no thru axle? kick ass bike, must give them that!

Joseph Clemenzi - 06/04/14 - 10:42am

zero offset rr wheel = winning

Remi - 06/04/14 - 10:59am

Really Bike Rumor? “Cannondale Breaks Down…” You couldn’t have worded that any other way?

The bike looks awesome though. Well done.

Ricardo Medieros - 06/04/14 - 11:36am

What, no thru Axel? Just kidding! I think it’s awesome. And for quick wheel changes in race situations it’s mint if the stiffness numbers are true.

'Ol 'Shel - 06/04/14 - 12:08pm

29er, short stays, agility, and an asym rear triangle for better der clearance and even spoke tensions?

Sound like Bystickel circa 2006.

jan - 06/04/14 - 3:27pm

regarding the chainring moved out to the outside : will that not result in supporting only a crankset with a rather large q factor ?
in other words something around 170mm ?

well done on the mud clearance and general design !

greg - 06/05/14 - 12:25am

many mountain cranks have plenty of room to move the rings to the right before they interfere with the arms. but likely it’s all a non-issue anyway when using their crank w special spider.

Andrew - 06/05/14 - 1:52am

Why does everyone keep banging on about thru axles? Is torsional stiffness in the rear wheel of an XC bike that affected?

Did anyone watch guys try to change thru axle wheels at Nove Moste? It was excruciatingly slow and awkward.

Tomi - 06/05/14 - 8:30am

I own a 2006 Cannondale prophet and I have to release the front caliper in order to release the front wheel from the lefty ?

Unless it is different with newer lefties (feel free to correct me) it looks to me that wheel change is a dubious reason to keep quick releases at the rear.

copycat - 06/05/14 - 11:34am

is that Steve Croft?

Anders - 06/05/14 - 2:41pm

How does increased fork offset and slacker headangle offer a quicker steering? I would have thought it did just the oposite.

Brian Taylor - 06/06/14 - 10:30pm

I wonder if, with the geometry changes, if the fits will be the same–that is, if a person rides a large now will the new large be the same fit?

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