Sneak Peak: Trek Remedy 29er Goes Carbon

Justin Leov Trek Remedy Carbon 29erIt’s not 650B, so this may elicit a yawn from some readers, but a new carbon version of the Trek Remedy just surfaced on Justin Leov’s Instagram account. The 140mm travel aluminum version launched last year, has proven to be very popular, and we’re looking forward to learning more details about the OCLV version when it is officially released.

For now, we wish Justin and his new steed the best of luck, as he heads to Scotland for the second round of the Enduro World Series this weekend.


LilJoe - 05/29/14 - 3:28pm

Can’t get hooked up with a kashima rear shock tho? WTF? And no custom decals.

Steven - 05/29/14 - 3:34pm

“Elicit,” unless 26 inch wheels are illegal.

Saris Mercanti - 05/29/14 - 3:58pm


Fixed, all though now that you mention it…26 wheels are criminally uncool these days.

Matt - 05/29/14 - 4:18pm

I think I would have to have the PIKE shock on the front of any new bike I buy.

Question for shop guys: Will shops/OEMs switch out the fork to a PIKE without having to buy both forks? Meaning will they do a credit so that it is zero to minimal payment to make a switch?

SOmeDude - 05/29/14 - 4:22pm

@Matt- It will depend on the shop. If they do, don’t expect an even trade.

Charlie Best - 05/29/14 - 4:48pm

Saris, don’t you know that if something is popularly considered “cool”, it is by definition uncool. The 26″ underground is alive, well and having more fun than the “fashion wheel” scene.

Andrew - 05/29/14 - 7:13pm

@Charlie Best, remember the days of 24” DH bikes? Think of how much more fun the dudes that own one of those are having. ‘Fun’ is relative.

Ilikeicedtea - 05/29/14 - 8:28pm

More fun due to a 1″ difference in wheel diameter seems like a silly thing to claim.

Riding bicycles in the woods is fun, regardless of what you are on, imho.

Road bikes on trails are fun, fwiw.

highpointer - 05/29/14 - 9:36pm

@Matt. If Trek does offer this pike under Project One you may be able to order the bike with a Rock Shox Pike. That is the great thing about Trek high end bikes. You can pick the drive train and fork (limited to the brands Trek has picked out). Wish they would had a few parts (other than Bontrager) for the cockpit area and wheels.

tomsta - 05/30/14 - 1:21am

…intresting new crank – new version of hammerschidt?

Zach Overholt - 05/30/14 - 3:01am

@tomsta, while that would be interesting, it looks like it is just an SRM Mountain Powermeter:

ryan - 05/30/14 - 10:36am

is that a 200mm front rotor? The 2014 alum models came with 180.

Graham - 06/02/14 - 10:11am

@ryan, looks to be a 180.

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