Niner ROS9 Becomes Purple Trail Eater w/ New Color, Upgraded Build Kits

ROS Purple Niner4

Loud colors and the ability to ride everything seem to go hand in hand these days, so Niner’s new ROS build should surely be a hit. Starting with their Ride Over Stuff 9 (use your imagination on that last one) steel frame, Niner has a new high end X1 build for the bike which will be offered in Forge Grey, Rally Blue (limited) , and now, Purple! Not just purple, but purple with Niner green accents and, if you get the 3 star build, a color matched Rockshox Pike as well.

Find full build spec, pricing, and availability next…

ROS Purple Niner 3

ROS Purple Niner 2

Thanks to the new color scheme, the ROS 9 could be mistaken for the Riddler On Steroids (get it? ROS?), and it will definitely attract some attention. Built with short chainstays, a slack head angle designed for 120-140mm forks, and a 142×12 rear axle the ROS 9 is designed to be the Niner hard tail for the North Shore.

The frame continues to offer internal dropper post routing, removable front derailleur mount, Niner’s Biocentric 2 EBB, and mounting tabs under the BB for a custom MRP XCG bash guard. Three star builds will retail for $3,999 and will start arriving on July 10 depending on the color and build.

Niner ROS 3 star build

In addition to the ROS 9 3 star build, Niner will also be offering a more budget friendly 2 star singlespeed build at $2899, starting June 2oth. ROS 9 frames will also be offered in all three colors for $899.


Michael - 05/28/14 - 10:35am


Bill - 05/28/14 - 10:55am


Carey - 05/28/14 - 11:37am

$4K for an alloy HT with bottom of the line brakes and drive train?!?!?!?! This industry is losing it’s mind!!!!

taylor - 05/28/14 - 12:33pm

Still selling those through pricepoint, right?


Stampers - 05/28/14 - 12:37pm

$4Gs for THAT….deore brakes, a steel frame?!? I can get a full suss aluminum bike with a dropper post, better wheels, drivetrain AND brakes for the same price…I’ll pass thanks

Andy - 05/28/14 - 12:59pm

I really like the look of Niners, but it’s hard to get past the ‘how much!?’ factor.

That and the association with Dubya.

Lodz - 05/28/14 - 1:12pm

PLEASE make a One 9 with that paint job!

Ilikeicedtea - 05/28/14 - 9:11pm

The similarly equipped (aside from the full suspension and rear shock) Devinci Spartan that’s a few posts up is $3600.

Tough call.

mulletracer - 05/28/14 - 9:20pm

I ride a similar bike. Kona Honzo with a 140mm pike.

The All mountain hardtail thing rules. IMO, you can shred harder on a hardtail. Shorter chainstays, immediate trail feedback and response. And they kick ass climbing.

AMHT is pretty much a do it all rig. Pedal worthy for long 50 mile XC days, tight enough to hit dirt jumps, slack and strong enough to smash downhill.

IMO, the kona is better. Shorter chainstays and a MUCH lower price tag. Not a lot of other differences though.

K11 - 05/28/14 - 11:54pm

low rent steel hardtail. Niner has done an amazing job marketing their 29er stuff, to get such a following. “very sad damn it”

silverlining - 05/29/14 - 8:11am

Relax guys, it’s not NinerCare. If you like your current bike, you can keep it.

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