New Enduro Oriented Devinci Spartan Gets Official

Devinci SpartanOriginally developed as a one-off super weapon for Steve Smith to decimate last years DH World Champs field, we were unsure if the beast would ever materialize in production form.

After several appearances on the racing, Devinci is now officially releasing the bike they’ve dubbed the Spartan, it features 160mm of travel, 27.5″ wheels, and a super slack modern geometry.

Steve Smith 650b Proto (1)When the bike first premiered under Steve Smith, comparisons to F1 were made, since this the bike was developed exclusively for at the pedal heavy Pietermaritzburg track.

As many Enduro World Series stages demand the physical intensity of a World Cup Downhill racetrack, but are punctuated with climbing stages, the Spartan may offer that perfect mixture of descending capabilities and climbing abilities for an Enduro specific race bike.

Devinci Spartan RidingThe current model fits in travel and demeanor a notch below the Wilson DH bike, and one step above the 140 mm Troy 27.5. We would mention the 145mm travel Dixon, but it has 26″ wheels….

We don’t have any more photos or info at this time, but perhaps this video of Damien Oton and Théo Galy shredding the new bike can tithe you over until we do!



Topmounter - 05/28/14 - 8:16pm

I think this “enduro” thing might be getting some traction.

Big Cow - 05/28/14 - 8:17pm

Trollololllolololllllooooo cant think of anything bad to say cause its actually rad, so i just go along singing trollololllolllolloloooolllolo

k - 05/29/14 - 1:11am

“but it has 26″ wheels”

yes the sb66 only placed third while this turd bike crashed in the first turn. PLEASE!

26″ wheels still have….TRACTION? shall i say.

EvoTrailSlayer - 05/29/14 - 2:30am

Funny the xx1 derailleur isn’t even attached to the $6000 bike!

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