Sneak Peek: New Juliana “She10” version of Santa Cruz V10 Platform Emerges

Juliana She10 V10Spotted on pro mountain biker and skills coach Katrina Stand’s Twitter feed, this new sorbet blue downhill bike has an uncanny resemblance to the current Santa Cruz V10, but is emblazoned with the logo of Juliana Bikes.

Thus far, SCBs women’s specific sister brand has largely focused on the XC and trail market, and as they’ve only recently announced a new 150mm platform, it’s not likely we’ll be seeing the more aggressive “She-10” or “She-Mad” available to the public anytime soon. So for now, expect the custom liveried Juliana bikes to only be available to the brands top sponsored athletes.

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Jorge - 05/27/14 - 2:35pm

That color is rad. Juliana color palette is so cool.

B-Rad - 05/27/14 - 4:42pm

Would be nice to see DH bikes for the ladies. Sure it’s a niche market, but a park bike with a low “real” standover height (26-28″at TT mid point) would sell well. There are a lot of demo fleets at bike parks that would buy them too.

captain derp - 05/27/14 - 5:25pm

is this truly women’s specific? or is it just a rebadged v10? i’m guessing (unfortunately) the latter, since it’s pretty clearly carbon, i can’t see them (juliana/sc) investing in a set of CF molds for a handful of team bikes.

Stampers - 05/27/14 - 9:53pm

This bike must be for the highheel DH set…

confused - 05/27/14 - 10:57pm

and I thought the “V10” designation was the women’s version name!

gromit - 05/28/14 - 7:55pm

Are you “she10” me?!

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