Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Le Hoyoux, Belgium

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Photo submitted by Giskovcycle, “Winter in Belgium was really nice and quite warm. The only bad thing is that we haven’t got any snowflake. However, we had much mud and it was fun for riding. I guess fat bikes won’t have any chance here… I send you a picture of a river in my playground: Le Hoyoux. Its typical steps make beautiful small waterfalls and it’s a nice spot to make a pic. And yeah, you’ll notice that 26 aren’t dead!”

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notapro - 05/27/14 - 8:33am

Nice pic. I’m sure equally nice enduro. 26yes!

Andrew - 05/27/14 - 12:44pm

Not an Enduro, Stumpy fsr Elite 2013. I have the same bike but 29er, than god :-)

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