Must Watch: Shimano Cam Captures Exclusive POV Footage, Takes You Inside the Sprint to the Finish

The next time someone tells you road biking is about as exciting as watching cars turning left, show them this video captured on the new Shimano Action Cam.



BEERTECH - 05/13/14 - 8:16pm

That was fantastic. I hope there is more of these to come.

REEB - 05/14/14 - 3:14am

Put camera’s on all pro bikes please! Make bike racing more fun to watch like rally car racing!

doge - 05/14/14 - 7:55am

is that a go pro? or does shimano have their own set of cams?

Not Doge - 05/14/14 - 9:00am

Doge- the video was “captured on the new Shimano Action Cam,” as the single sentence that comprises this article states.

WannaBeSTi - 05/14/14 - 11:30am

Just what I need…a SAC on my handlebar.

Jake - 05/14/14 - 11:50am

Here’s a better version of this (split screen with the TV coverage) done by my buddy at In The Crosshairs.

K-EDGE - 05/14/14 - 12:02pm

Doge, Not Doge, and the rest of the faithful, we just wanted you to know that those Shimano cameras are being held on the Tour of California riders bikes by K-EDGE GOBIG Mounts. Shimano cameras are GoPro mount compatible and the K-EDGE Mounts smooth out the video because there is zero movement from the mount. That’s it.

Joey Brown - 05/14/14 - 1:33pm

K-Edge is rock solid!

slippyfish - 05/14/14 - 1:54pm

As recently as last year a UCI official was giving a racer crap about wearing a GoPro. Has the UCI changed their tune – is this now OK – or was this a renegade video?

Collin S - 05/14/14 - 2:20pm

@slippyfish, UCI has decided to do a one time exception for ToCal. They want to see how the public reacts to it. I think that this will make TV more interesting, especially when they start move this to live streaming.

Scott - 05/15/14 - 12:51pm

Awesome video. I’m all for it. A buddy of mine works over at Shimano and I’ve ‘played’ with a demo version. Very cool and IMHO much better than a GoPro.

slippyfish - 05/16/14 - 2:18pm

nice, thank you.

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