Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Kettle Moraine, Wisconsin

bikerumor pic of the day Kettle Moraine in southern Wisconsin

Photo submitted by Gerrerd Abrams, “Took a personal day to get some much needed trail time at Kettle Moraine in southern Wisconsin.”

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k - 05/08/14 - 9:38am

kettle is where i began my love of mountain biking!

Kovas - 05/08/14 - 9:41am

k: +1!

Ryan - 05/08/14 - 9:45am

SS for the win.

Tom - 05/08/14 - 10:45am

Gerrerd, nice chain and cog. I’m envious of your trip!Cheers, Tom

BMW - 05/09/14 - 9:43am

Might want to add some chain tension there homie!

Dan - 05/09/14 - 10:07am

Once you go slack, you never go back!

Zach - 05/12/14 - 12:14pm

Gerrerd is one solid dude. Nice to see his name here on the internets!

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