SOC14: Prestige MTB Offers Custom Stopping with Trickstuff Cleg 2 Brakes

Cleg Brakes (2)

Prestige MTB definitely had some interesting products on display at Sea Otter. As the US distributor, Marc Castellana showed us Black Mountain Cassettes, Zumbi bikes, and these Trickstuff Cleg 2 brakes. Produced in the Black Forest of Germany and assembled in Freiburg, Cleg brakes feature the level of precision you would expect from the Germans with full aluminum construction with the exception of the o-rings and stainless fittings.

Referring to the number of 22mm pistons, the Cleg 2 is a light weight brake system that Trickstuff says covers the range from XC to DH.

The Cleg 2 is definitely impressive, but it does come with a price…

Cleg Brakes (1)

Cleg Brakes (3) Cleg Brakes (6)

Compared to most brakes on the market, the Cleg 2s are quite expensive at $1000 per pair, but what does that get you? For starters, you basically get a full custom brake. Out of the box all Cleg brakes use Goodridge Stainless lines, though light weight kevlar hoses can be installed if you like. You get to choose the brake lever – long or short, and you can choose between a number of colors for a truly custom brake.

The DOT 5.1 filled brakes are said to have an idiot-proof bleed system that will provide 5 year bleed life when done correctly. Weight is claimed at 233g per brake without rotor, mounting bolts, or adapters.

Cleg Brakes (5)

Cleg 2s are available with 160, 180, or 200mm rotors which all feature Trickstuff’s unique chamferred rotor. The design eliminates sharp edges on the rotor and aides in wheel installation causing the rotor to slip right past the brake pad rather than hanging up.



Seraph - 05/01/14 - 4:10pm

$1000 for a 2-piece caliper? Holy sh*t thanks but no thanks.

greg - 05/01/14 - 7:38pm

…so, the trp brakes in the previous article, the “cheaper” of the trp models, is also lighter? i dont see a lot of these moving…

ginsu - 05/02/14 - 6:44am

I don’t see how the Germans do it. This with Brake Force One! Do they ever worry about sales? Materials cost? Manufacturing costs? Or do they just get to build whatever their hearts and minds desire?

I am totally jealous of them. I did an engineering project with a German team and the way they are supported and encouraged as students is the complete opposite of how it is in the US. Engineers in the US are treated like garbage compared to their German counterparts, seriously. Then on top of it, they get to actually make every product they can dream up? I just don’t know how they do it over there. It seems like some engineer paradise from what I see.

Top it all off, from what I know they get like a 90 day paid vacation every year! WTF!?
Of course, the grass is always greener, but seriously something is going on in Germany and we’re missing out.

ginsu - 05/02/14 - 6:50am

okay….slight exaggeration there, looked it up and they ONLY get 48 days of paid vacation every year!

Nils - 05/02/14 - 7:34am

@Ginsu: The Germans don´t even get 48 days of paid vacation but around 25 to 30 per year in average – which still is good. I can tell, I am German. :-)

Apart from that, the Trickstuff brake cannot be compared to mass industry products coming from TRP or Shimano or.. It is simply a brake for people who like a well functioning, custom and individualized product and who are willing to pay for that. I would compare that to a handmade bike frame.

Nash - 05/02/14 - 8:07am

They manufacture products that people want and people pay a premium for. Very few American cars on German roads but a lot of German cars on American roads.

Tim - 05/02/14 - 9:27am

I don’t see what is special about these, other than price. Can someone explain?

adam - 05/02/14 - 10:15am



RoDe - 05/02/14 - 3:45pm

Only question is do they come in anodized purple?

Ploutre - 05/02/14 - 4:31pm

@RoDe yes they do, yes they do …

Btw there’s also a Cleg4 brake, which has 4 pistons. Don’t know the difference other than that, wanted to ride a set but still waiting for a cheaper 2nd hand set. No idea how they perform, I’ve seen the Cleg4 mounted on full on DH bikes so I believe they should be pretty powerfull.

Rory - 03/02/15 - 6:59pm

I have a pair red anodized picked them up of a Dutch guy on a forum, wanted £300 got him down to £120, AMAZING :-)

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