Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Peñiscola, Spain

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Photo submitted by Bas Simons, “A picture of our 2 bikes after finishing the MedXtrem, a 3-day stage race around Valencia, Spain. 3 extreme tough stages, stunning terrain, beer and pizza after each ride and finish inside a medieval castle near the beach… Afterwards, we took a dive in the mediterranean sea.. Great! On the picture you see our bikes in front of that finish castle.”

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Mario - 04/28/14 - 8:30am

Bike with race number outside of race = against the Rules

J Train - 04/28/14 - 8:52am

The “rules” are for the Tools.

il Bruce - 04/28/14 - 10:11am

I am so childish.

Reubinho - 04/28/14 - 10:14am

That’s quite the cola isn’t it, il Bruce…

GSI - 04/28/14 - 11:53am

ryand, I was thinking the exact same thing, in my best Homer Simpson voice of course!

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