Found: Electric Blue Limited Edition x Giro Empire MTB Shoes

Giro Backcountry empire lace up mtb

In conjunction with the Whiskey Off Road even in Prescott AZ, has unveiled their take on the Giro Empire MTB. Thanks to a partnership between the brands, Giro has produced a limited edition high performance XC shoe in Backcountry blue, of course. Utilizing the Empire’s lace up design, the shoe is fitted with an Easton EC90 carbon outsole with aggressive lugs to take the Empire from Taylor Phinney’s race winning road shoe to a high performance off roader.

Backcountry edition Empires will be a limited release that are sold only through and starting on June 1st. Pre-orders can be made today with the shoes retailing for $299.95 in sizes 39-48 with half sizes also available. You can check out the blue Empire in person at the Whiskey Offroad which continues until this Sunday.



Derek - 04/25/14 - 12:10pm

I still haven’t seen an appealing way to deal with the laces after you tie them. I think they look so good in all of the press shots but they neglect the knot.

Ryan - 04/25/14 - 12:14pm

I hope people interested in biking don’t turn and run away thinking they have to buy all this kit, all these parts, all these insane bikes at all these prices that many of us can’t afford. If I told my wife I needed some MTB shoes and they were $300, she would tell me to go barefoot.

Topmounter - 04/25/14 - 12:15pm

$6 or $7 for a roll of blue duck tape and you’re good to go.

Christopher Jensen - 04/25/14 - 12:23pm


Sean - 04/25/14 - 12:55pm

I agree, these are beautiful shoes, but I feel that laces are a step WAAY backward. Fine on dress oxfords, or sneakers, but straps are so much better. They don’t get tangled up or soggy or untied, etc. Just not getting’ it, I guess.

Luc - 04/25/14 - 1:05pm


They have a little loop on the middle of the tongue that the ends of the knot slips into. They never dangle over the sides. Most comfortable bike shoes I’ve ever worn.

Myke - 04/25/14 - 1:17pm

Shoe laces on cycling shoes are pointless in my eyes. I suppose they are more of a fashion statement

Simon - 04/25/14 - 1:55pm

How to get these in Europe? i want them so bad, but apparently they do not ship them to Europe

TheKaiser - 04/25/14 - 2:05pm

I agree that straps and buckles are a better solution, but FYI, they do supply a little elastic loop in the tongue to suck the excess lace through, so it isn’t flopping around. I could see that cutting it for road and more open MTB trails no problem, although it seems like once you have weeds/brush/branches whipping you in the feet, all bets would be off. Also, you have the issue of no provision for on bike adjustment, which I find myself frequently making use of, as it seems that most shoes stretch a bit upon getting warm/wet, regardless of the manufacturers claims of “zero stretch” materials.

MBro - 04/25/14 - 2:15pm

I use these for Road, awesome set of shoes. The laces tuck into a little elastic loop half way down the tongue, perfect.

herrow prease - 04/25/14 - 2:35pm

great looking shoes, but agree with everyone above. Laces belong nowhere on a cycling shoe. Your foot swells and contracts throughout rides and races. Having the ability to reach down and click a buckle or boa one tighter or looser i shuge. Try doing that with these lace ups.

Collin S - 04/25/14 - 3:03pm edition but no “Goat” logo? They’re missing out. Thats one of the coolest looking logos out there.

Jared - 04/25/14 - 3:37pm

I don’t understand why high end shoes use the wimpiest toe guards? Giro is notorious for paper thin toe guards…..why? Is it really a weight issue? Aesthetics wouldn’t be that different.

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