Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Wood Pile – Zundert, Holland

bikerumor pic of the day wood pile

Photo submitted by Bart Klaver, “My bike against a small pile of oak logs, during my first ride after being Ill for some time. Picture is taken near Zundert, Holland, birthtown of painter Vincent van Gogh, who could have easily turned this into a beautiful impressionistic painting! To offer a little perspective: my Madone is a size 64, with a saddleheight of 115 cm from the ground up.”

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Joe R - 04/25/14 - 9:21am

Nice pic… “Loggy Bike”? Stay well, ride on.

michel - 04/25/14 - 10:29pm

get well,stay well awesome
i believe zundert is also home to sauna diane and epic centre of hard men road cycling ! (-:

Jacques - 04/26/14 - 8:33am

A pic like that should be taken along with a Morewood bike 😉

Troy - 04/27/14 - 8:23am

Well, I don’t believe Bart’s nickname is “midget”….thats a set of Mountain Bike handlebars stuffed down the seat tube.

HCT - 02/23/15 - 2:07pm

Very nice, I’ve been in Zundert (I’m dutch) but I haven’t seen this place. Zundert is a great place to bike though

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