SOC 14: Zumbi’s Custom, Hand Made, Full Suspension Bikes Straight out of Poland

Zumbi f11 enduro  (1)

When you think of high performance, hand made, full suspension bikes, Poland probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind. After seeing the bikes from Zumbi however, maybe it should. Fiercely proud of their 100% Polish designed and manufactured product, Zumbi combines hand made craftsmanship with modern suspension technology to create bikes with a custom touch that can be hard to find elsewhere.

Each Zumbi is designed by their main engineer Pawel Matuszynski in Myslenice – what they call the downhill mountain bike heart of Poland. The company offers all sorts of bikes including trials, DJ, Street, XC, Enduro, FR, DH, and even a fat bike and fixie. Working mostly with 7020 aluminum alloy, most of the frames are offered with the ability to get custom geometry, paint, and even tubing options.

Zumbi had their F-11 Enduro and Sam Dueck’s F-22 FR bike to show – get a closer look next…

Zumbi f11 enduro sam dueck  freerid (16) Zumbi f11 enduro sam dueck  freerid (6)

Built from 7020 aluminum with 7075 links, the F-11 is their 140/165mm travel enduro frame with 26″ or  27.5″ wheels (the company is currently working on a 29″ version). Suspension travel can be changed by switching the upper shock mount position, and the shock mounts have been specifically designed for the Cane Creek DB air shock since it has the biggest can on the market.

The frame has been improved to run a lower stack headset with a 44mm head tube, but the frame can be ordered with a 1 1/8″, tapered, or 1.5″ head tube if you want, and the choice of internal or external cable routing for free. Other options include a 135×12 or 142×12 rear axle, and a powder coated, raw, or anodized finish with Laser etched or mechanically engraved graphics as an option. Custom geometry can be had for just $100 more, enabling you to pick the head tube angle, TT, wheelbase, and seat tube length! If that wasn’t enough you can choose your own custom paint scheme for an additional $175 on top of the $1800 for the frame without a rear shock.

Zumbi f11 enduro sam dueck  freerid (1)

Zumbi f11 enduro sam dueck  freerid (3) Zumbi f11 enduro sam dueck  freerid (5)

All Zumbi full suspension bikes use their in-house designed FPS- system which is a fairly standard Short Dual Link suspension design with the shock anchored on the down tube. The suspension pivots have an optional Ti upgrade, and all run sealed bearings which are even made in Poland.

Stock geometry of the F11 uses a 67 degree HTA, with a 73 degree STA, and 430mm chainstays, with a frame weight of 3.1kg with a Bos Vipr shock in M. The complete bike as shown comes in right at 29 pounds with pedals ready to ride.

Zumbi f11 enduro sam dueck  freerid (8)

Zumbi f11 enduro sam dueck  freerid (11) Zumbi f11 enduro sam dueck  freerid (7)

With the F-11 as the enduro bike in the line up, the F-22 is the FR bruiser or in Sam Dueck’s case a mini DH or Extreme Enduro build. Built with convertible 140/170mm travel the F-22 has similar custom options as the F-11.

Zumbi f11 enduro sam dueck  freerid (12).Zumbi f11 enduro sam dueck  freerid (10) Zumbi f11 enduro sam dueck  freerid (13)

Based on what you want it to be, you can select most of the standards including a 73 or 83mm bottom bracket, 135, 142, or 15omm rear end, 1 1/8″ or 1.5″ head tube, etc. Using a more compact version of their FPS-system, the F-22 is designed for 130-180mm forks making it the perfect bike for most big mountain/slopestyle events like the Chatel Mountain Style where Antoinie rode it to victory.

Now as the main ride for their sponsored rider Sam Dueck, his bike above is built with parts from his sponsors including Marzocchi, Spank, IXS, and Schwalbe.

Zumbi bikes are now being imported to the US through Prestige MTB.


JJ - 04/24/14 - 6:05pm

F11 looks nice, hopefully Zumbi can stay in the USA and not get sued by DW or Turner.

Roy - 04/24/14 - 7:21pm

Looks like a WalMart bike!

TT - 04/25/14 - 4:49am

And its quality is also WalMart like. Avoid Zumbi for God’s sake! It is utter crap, I’m from Poland and I know what I’m saying.

Tim - 04/25/14 - 5:26am

TT- being a citizen of the same country where a bike is manufactured is not a qualification for talking about that bike’s quality. What bad experiences have you or your friends had with these bikes, or what don’t you like about their design?

TT - 04/25/14 - 9:24am

Well, Tim. There are lots of excellent Polish hi-end designs, that’s true and no argument about that.
But Zumbi bikes are of such low quality (two F-22 models broken in a ROAD race – yes, they are meant to be offroad bikes, but all the same…) that it will certainly make me think twice or even thrice before buying another one by Zumbi.

Tim - 04/25/14 - 10:32am

TT- thanks for being somewhat more concrete about what you don’t like Zumbi. It’s easy to see how you could ride a Zumbi on the road, but harder to see how it’s possible to compete in a road race on one. I am not saying I don’t believe you, it’s just good to know how exactly it happened. Did they honor their warranty?

TT - 04/25/14 - 1:17pm

Yes, they did. And yes, I have to be honest, they fixed the frames quite well… Both bikes have been working fine since then.

Wiew - 04/26/14 - 5:01am

Are they still made in Mielec old tram factory? Hahaha

Marc - 04/28/14 - 8:40am

No they are not. They are made in Myslenice.

JJ - 04/28/14 - 3:31pm

TT write good, quality is not like othe manufacturing, in last years You had 50% chance to get curve frame (wheels made two tracks almost), and in all frames TIG looks it was made 10 years old child – look on last photos.

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