SOC14: Smart In-Line Electrolyte System for Hydration Bladders From Eligo

Eligo Spile Smart Electryolite Hydration System (5)

The Eligo Spile is an in line hydration unit with a dual fluid mouth piece that eliminates the clean up involved with normal electrolyte tablet or powder systems.

Biting on the first lip on the mouth piece gives you water, while biting down further back allows fluid from the small cartridge and your hydration reservoir to mix.

That’s it. It’s that simple. The replacement hose and mouthpiece work with the majority of hydration reservoirs on the market, which makes this upgrade painless.

Slip past the break to see it in action…

Eligo Spile Smart Electryolite Hydration System (7)

This is what the new mouthpiece looks without it’s cover.

Eligo Spile Smart Electryolite Hydration System (8)

Biting down on the first lip pushes a spring back and allows the water to flow freely.

According to Shane Rogers, Co-Founder and Creator of the device, this water bite valve has the highest flow rate of any mouthpiece currently available.

Eligo Spile Smart Electryolite Hydration System (9)

Biting the back of the mouth piece pulls the valve forward and allows water from your hydration reservoir and the concentrated mixture in the electrolyte cartridge to mix.

Eligo Spile Smart Electryolite Hydration System (1)

For the arm chair engineers in the crowd, here is an exploded diagram of the entire system.

Eligo Spile Smart Electryolite Hydration System (4)

At this time, the company has three different electrolyte flavors available : Lemon Lime, Mixed Berry, and Orange. Each of these 15 ml cartridges retails for $2.50 and provides 1 Lt of electrolyte boosted hydration.

Part of the beauty of the system is that it does not require any cleaning or refilling, so the company is not currently planning on offering user refillable cartridges – all though they are working on it. Next  on the horizon from them will likely be branded cartridges from established nutrition companies.

Once you empty a cartridge, you can toss it guilt free into the  recycling bin,  and continue to use mouthpiece normally until you can install another cartridge.

Interested? The system is currently compatible with the quick connect equipped bags found on newer camelbacks, Hydrapack, and many others. If you have a compatible bag, the Eligo Spile comes with the mouthpiece and a tube, for easy installation. This set up retails for $48.95.

Don’t have a compatible bag? Eligo is offering the mouthpiece and a Hydrapak bladder for $53.95. This second option is a pretty kick ass deal, considering you’re getting a brand new bladder for $5 more than the price of just the mouthpiece.




Ck - 04/17/14 - 9:54am

$49 for a plastic mouthpiece? I get that it’s a fancy valve design but i’m still not sure the price is justified.

Chader - 04/17/14 - 10:00am

“Part of the beauty of the system is that it does not require any cleaning or refilling, so the company is not currently planning on offering user refillable cartridges – all though they are working on it. ”

The first half of this statement is totally contradicted but the last half.

Why would they be “working on it” if as you claim “the company is not currently planning on offering user refillable cartridges”?

Maybe you meant “all though they are THINKING ABOUT it”?

Nathan B - 04/17/14 - 10:16am

Enduro specific trail side litter?

satisFACTORYrider - 04/17/14 - 10:17am

when do the cocktail iv hits come out?

David - 04/17/14 - 10:32am

Not to mention that you have to keep buying their proprietary drink mix bag add-on things . . . kinda wasteful and locks you in…

name - 04/17/14 - 11:22am

because dropping in some nuun tabs isn’t complicated enough.

groghunter - 04/17/14 - 12:11pm

hmmmm… you want me give up my Osprey Reservoir for a hydrapack one? NO DEAL.

R0b0tAt0ms - 04/17/14 - 12:47pm

Ive always wanted to have a condom-like sac hanging off my pack while I ride. Great idea, less than stellar implementation. Hopefully this is just V1

aaron - 04/17/14 - 12:57pm

plain water works just fine, basically free. Plus it saves time and energy worrying about what a person needs to mix in to be “able” to ride.

if you want to mix things with your water, this looks like a good idea. as far as price, what isn’t expensive, riders spend double/triple that on one water bottle cage, don’t see the problem.

J Train - 04/17/14 - 2:19pm

“For the arm chair engineers in the crowd…” BR authors have been hypercritical of their readership in the past few weeks, what with their censorship and call-outs in the comments sections/articles. You sell ads and review products on your site ONLY because of those people with interests and opinions of their own whom choose to read, and (sometimes justly) criticize, what you write about. Don’t go biting the hands that feed you, BR.

iperov - 04/17/14 - 3:14pm

worst system.
Electrolytes must be proper dosed with water, and need time while electrolytes mix with water.

Tyler Benedict - 04/17/14 - 3:18pm

J Train – Normally we avoid phrases like that, which are generally unnecessary and only added for levity. Sorry it struck you the wrong way. We’re always open to criticism, whether it be to the items being written about or our efforts, as long as it’s constructive and not mean spirited. As for our own recent criticism/deletion of comments lately, we’ve simply ramped up enforcement of our public comments policy in order to ensure a friendly environment for discussion.

mrazekan - 04/17/14 - 4:04pm

Ck – I don’t know for certain, but this appears to be a small startup with this one technology as their product. As such, they likely will not be able to amortize the development costs of this product over millions of units. A reasonable and accurate business model, which hopefully accurately predicts sales among other things, will guide you to the right price to charge for your products.

They have a technology that their competitors don’t have. While it will be worth it to some, though maybe not likely to you, there is more to justifying the price than it just being a plastic mouthpiece with ~$5 worth of parts.

Bob - 04/17/14 - 6:43pm

These are already available to local bike shops through Rumbleship.

Mike - 04/19/14 - 1:00am

Gee…sounds vaguely like he old “ZeroGoo” idea (before Gu made them change their name) only that system could be spliced into any pack (I hooked it into a Geigerig pressurized system) and was refillable with whatever you wanted to use and adjustable for mixture.

Dave - 04/20/14 - 5:35am

“Enduro specific trail side litter?” LMFAO

I just bring broth cubes to nibble on. Easier, cheaper and tastier.

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