SOC 14: Uvex Introduces Quattro Pro – Colorful Protection Perfect for Enduro

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Judging by the bright colors and extra coverage of their new helmet, Uvex is looking to get in on the current Enduro trend. This shouldn’t be too hard, since their new Quattro Pro helmet looks quite good. As their top end model, the Quattro Pro has 17 vents and a double inmold construction for a well ventilated lid that still offers excellent protection.

Even though the helmet isn’t available until June, you can get a quick look at its features, next…

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Uvex Quattro Enduro helmet womens jr  (5) Uvex Quattro Enduro helmet womens jr  (6)

To rear spoiler or not to rear spoiler, that is the question. The Quattro Pro will be available with, or without the rear spoiler which is mostly just for looks. Something much more functional is the optional camera adapter which lets you run a helmet cam like a GoPro. The adapter will fit all Quattro models and runs $16.

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Up front the helmet features Uvex’s bug netting to keep angry bees out of your hair, and an adjustable visor.

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Uvex’s IAS retention system has been updated for the Quattro and features what looks to be a more comfortable rubber coated wing design with a large, easy to access dial for fit. Other changes include more substantial padding in the front of the helmet which are anti microbial and are removable for washing.

The Quattro Pro men’s helmet will be offered in 4 colors for $175, while women will get their own model in two colors, as well as a junior model in a few different colors.


Mindless - 04/17/14 - 2:27pm

Uvex has the best buckle ever. That alone makes me buy it for myself and my family.

Randy - 04/17/14 - 3:04pm

I thought the Quattro Pro was to have a mount option for Lupine Pico lights?

Hmmm - 04/17/14 - 6:10pm

…but can it be used to shave your legs???

Mindless - 04/18/14 - 1:51am


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