Cute Overload: Four Year Old Kids Crushing It (and Occasionally Crashing)

Even if you don’t like kids, you can’t help but let out at an “awwww” at these twins’ antics.


Nash - 04/10/14 - 8:46am

Well, they can ride a spine better than I can.

Justin Mo - 04/10/14 - 10:34am

^haha that was my first thought too!

Jim - 04/10/14 - 10:38am

Might as well give them their X-Games 2026 gold medals right now!

Sir_Eddy - 04/10/14 - 10:56am

Kiwi kids rock!!

haromania - 04/10/14 - 11:40am

I can’t help but feel like a little less of a bike rider today. Well dun kids, you’ve managed to humble this 46 year old.

Ripnshread - 04/10/14 - 12:28pm

Holy shite…when a 4yr old can school you…what do say? How ama I supposed to feel? All these years and…for nothing!…roflol

Ripnshread - 04/10/14 - 12:55pm

In all seriousness. Sick flow kids, I’m so jelly.

Mindless - 04/10/14 - 1:05pm

Nice, but I would recommend elbow pads when on concrete. Blown elbow at this age can be a lifelong injury.

polishmadman - 04/10/14 - 1:15pm

I love that they don’t cry after biting it. Awesome kids! I can’t wait to see them pulling tricks.

Shawn - 04/10/14 - 1:23pm

The wonders of not being a helicopter parent on display for all to see!

Inspector Gadget - 04/10/14 - 6:11pm

That’s just embarrassing! (for me that is)

Seraph - 04/10/14 - 8:56pm

“Even if you don’t like kids”? Who doesn’t like kids?

satisFACTORYrider - 04/11/14 - 12:33am

Jackson Goldstone’s already feelin the pressure!

Shott - 04/11/14 - 1:47am

Kids are awesome, I’m ready to sign them on are grassroots program….

Anyone know the song that’s playing?

Tommi - 04/11/14 - 8:06am

cute and skilled! is it filmed in Queenstown NZ?!

Tommi - 04/11/14 - 8:23am

cute and skilled kids, they must be NZers, the spot looks like Queenstown NZ!

Rico - 04/11/14 - 9:34pm

So I figure the way dad gets them to get back up instead of crying when they biff is to say, “Well, I guess you have to stop riding today.”

stratosrally - 04/20/14 - 6:14pm

They are awesome… but I’d put crossbar & top tube pads on their bikes. Heck, I used those when I rode BMX and that was on my Schwinn Mag Scrambler in the late 70’s and early 80’s… got to protect the face and ‘nads for when they get into girls!

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