GT Ready to Unleash The New Sanction, A Trail Sized Version of the Fury

The new GT Sanction is just one in a long line of new drool worthy products that the New GT Brand has launched over the past year. Details are relatively scarce, but this new models looks like a scaled down version of the highly regarded Fury downhill bike which was recently revamped, and will be officially launched at Sea Otter.

It has been under development for two years under the Atherton racing team and has already been raced extensively on the Enduro world circuit under rider Dan Atheron. Considering that European Enduro courses are generally as rough as World Cup tracks, but raced on shorter travel bikes, we can only assume the new Sanction is ready to rumble.


Justin W - 04/08/14 - 3:28pm

Facepalm for Force owners.

aaron - 04/09/14 - 11:58am

1 comment…nobody cares about GT. I don’t care anymore, but i remember that they were one of the who’s who in mtb and bmx in the 80’s and early 90’s.

Biker - 04/09/14 - 12:17pm

Yes GT is a dead brand in the USA. When Performance Bikes starts to sale them it seems to kill the brand. The bikes seem to always be on closeout or some type of sale. Same thing with Schwinn. Hope Dorel (owner of Schwinn, GT, Mongoose, Pacific, Roadmaster, Charge, Caloi, and Cannondale bikes) does not do the same with Cannondale.

Kraft Durch Fruede - 04/09/14 - 2:14pm

Actually GT, is doing amazing. The new line of MTB bikes are all new and designed from the ground up. The Suspension system is fantastic, designed by Etiene. The Fury speaks for itself with wins in the DH segment, and the this new Sanction is the perfect spin off of that bike.

K11 - 04/09/14 - 4:42pm

@aaron, agree.

“GT, is doing amazing” somebody is sooooo lost. it takes more than an impressive DH frame and pathetic rest of the GT line up to be considered in the same conversation as other in demand bicycle companies. my 2 cents

Pichy - 04/09/14 - 5:41pm

I had two GT’s in the late 90’s and I kinda like the brand and its legacy. But actual bikes, I mean, top end bikes, are quite overpriced. Also the nes suspension layout seems to be a headache to maintenance tasks or even to a cable/housing change.

Top end Force carbon has triple XT cranks, 32mm Fox fork and costs 6000$. I’m not comparing it with YT, Canyon, Propain or any direct-sell brand, but Rocky Mountain or Norco have better speced carbon bikes for 2 grand less. So in conclusion, I don’t like GT.

Alex - 04/09/14 - 5:58pm

So “Freeride” became “Mini-DH” and now it’s “long-travel Enduro”. Gotcha.

gringo - 04/10/14 - 9:58am

I am guessing that the german guy above who gave the only positive comment either:

-works for GT (Dorel)
-has friends that work for GT
-has some kind of low-level sponsorship with GT

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