Lightweight’s New Blacked Out CeramicSpeed Carbon Wheels Have the Power of the Schwarz


Lightweight has gone dark with the new Schwarz Edition black-on-black wheel options for all of their popular models.

Beyond the completely murdered out graphics over matte black carbon, the wheels get upgraded to CeramicSpeed bearings for less rolling resistance and “more speed and fun.” This new colorway joins the stock graphics and the Weiss Editions with white graphics and spokes and is available on:

  • Meilenstein Schwarz
  • Meilenstein C Schwarz
  • Meilenstein Overmayer Schwarz
  • Fernweg Schwarz
  • Fernweg C Schwarz
  • Gipfelsturm Schwarz
  • Autobahn Schwarz

The “C” on some models refers to Clincher versions, others are tubular. Pics of the rest below…




The Schwarz Editions likely carry an upcharge over the standard models, we’ve inquired and will update the post when we hear back. In the meantime…

May the Schwarz be with you.


Christopher Q. - 03/26/14 - 2:08pm

May the Schwarz Be With You, Too.

The_D - 03/26/14 - 2:51pm

I see your Schwarz is as big as mine.

Incidentally, the “meh” is strong with this one.

Bas - 03/26/14 - 5:08pm

you know when a company’s product development is dead when “innovations” like this are news. too bad.

Mad Dog - 03/26/14 - 5:20pm

Cost increase makes sense – Black decals cost way more than white ones and are significantly faster! (Must admit they look bad!, I want them)

Rico - 03/26/14 - 6:37pm

Murdered out and out of date. These things were always 200% over-priced anyway.

Tomi - 03/26/14 - 7:00pm

black on black is so 2007.

Bill - 03/29/14 - 5:52am

They should double the price so chops don’t buy them

Josh - 04/28/14 - 7:56am

Schwarz Edition wheels are ceramic bearing hubs, from Ceramic Speed, in addition to th color change. They are also available now.

Tony - 03/29/15 - 4:16pm

When does the update of the Meilenstein come ? wieder rim – more aero shape of the rim….

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