Taipei Show: Wireless Dropper Post Closer to Production, Plus Road Buzz Absorbing Stem and Post from TranzX

TranzX E dropper seat post shock absorbing stem  (5)

Are electronics the future of dropper posts? TranzX certainly thinks so. As one of the most production looking electronic dropper posts we’ve seen, the TranzX JD-YSp06 was looking good on display, but according to TranzX, it’s still not quite there. The hold up seems to be what all dropper post manufacturers are grappling with when it comes to ditching the cable – where to stash the battery. TranzX solved the problem by stashing it under the saddle but they mention the battery will likely be 30-50% smaller for production. Depending on the size of the battery, and the weight of the mechanism, electronic dropper posts could make a big impact on the dropper market – let’s just hope that all manufacturers can improve durability before tackling electronics.

More, plus TranzX’s innovative Antishock road stem and seatpost, next!

TranzX E dropper seat post shock absorbing stem  (2)

TranzX E dropper seat post shock absorbing stem  (7) TranzX E dropper seat post shock absorbing stem  (4)

Built on an RF 2.4 ghz wireless system, the dropper is controlled through the wireless remote which can be mounted on either side of the bar. Both the post and the remote will be charged through a Micro USB cable, but no word on battery life or charge time. TranzX is hoping for delivery by the end of the year for both aftermarket and OEM sales.

TranzX E dropper seat post shock absorbing stem  (11)

The electronic dropper post will join a full line of TranzX droppers that are both remotes and lever actuated.

TranzX E dropper seat post shock absorbing stem  (12)


Also on the menu for TranzX is an expansion of their Antishock line to include a new seatpost in addition to the current stem. Both parts use an elastomer material that is sandwiched by two pieces of metal with a pivot connecting the structure. This allows the elastomer to compress giving -2º of movement for the stem, and 4º of movement for the seatpost. On the stem, the movement is only in the negative direction, so moving down and returning to 0, or the stem’s -6º stock angle.

TranzX E dropper seat post shock absorbing stem  (14)

There were less details surrounding the seatpost, but we’re led to believe the 4º of motion is both front and back. Currently, the stem is available for sale and the seatpost is undergoing testing in 31.6mm diameter only. Once the design is approved, they will open up other sizes for the post.

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