Found: Blue Yeti Project Fabric-Over-Gel-Cork Handlebar Tape


Like that classic aesthetic of cotton handlebar tape but hate the complete and utter lack of comfort it provides? Blue Yeti Project felt your pain and started making a wide variety of colorful options by stitching cotton fabric over gel cork tape.

Each set is $39 and includes two rolls of more than six feet each, more than enough to wrap your bars. It also includes top strips and bar plugs. The stitching’s not shown on these, but will be visible on finished product. You can just throw them in the wash and hang dry to keep them looking (and smelling) fresh, too.

More designs below…


Check out their Etsy shop for all the options.


Naton - 03/25/14 - 5:56pm

This is much more interesting than another Kickstarter light / lock. Cheers Tyler!

mudrock - 03/25/14 - 7:13pm

Ordinarily don’t spend $40 on tape that rips as soon as you fall on it (on my cross bike I do that often enough) but it’s cool that you can wash it, and hide any tears when you rewrap.

thesteve4761 - 03/25/14 - 11:19pm

$39 for bar tape?!

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