Problem Solvers Offers A Number of New Problem Solving Mounts for Shifters, Lights, Di2 Batteries and more

Problem solvers new 2015 (2)

True bike nerds rejoice – Problem Solvers has a new crop of widgets perfect for dialing in your current project. Problem Solvers is one of those companies that most cyclists probably don’t know exist, but when you have well, a problem that needs to be solved their products can prove invaluable. You may be familiar with the Problem Solvers MisMatch adapters which allow you to pair Shimano levers with SRAM brakes or vice versa. New for this year is the Shimano I-spec-B lever compatible model. Yes, apparently there is a new I-Spec standard. So whenever those make it to market, PS will have you covered for $39.95-49.95.

If you love to tinker around with new frames, components, and accessories, you’ll probably dig the other products PS has in store.

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If you have a frame that doesn’t have braze ons but you want to mount some light weight accessories, the new Anywhere mount might be an option. Essentially a Zip Tied braze one (zip on?) the anywhere mount is obviously limited to the strength of the included zip tie, but should work for custom fenders mounting or other light weight accessories.

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Problem Solvers is also offering a Di2 Battery mount that attaches to the frame in a similar manner. If you don’t want to use the Shimano water bottle mount (or don’t have room i.e. small bikes, recumbents, adaptive cycles, etc.) this $29.99 adapter could be the answer. The challenge for either of these accessories will be to get the zip ties tight enough – though it should be easily done using a 4th hand tool or zip tie gun. The kit will include 4 zip ties and the two 4mm mounting bolts.

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So you have mountain bike with a suspension corrected rigid fork but want to run fenders? Instead of mounting the fender inches higher than where it should be, check out the new Fender Flute. The adapter is threaded at 10mm intervals to allow fine tuning of your fender’s position below the crown of the fork. PS wants you to know that it retails for $17.95 and does not actually make music.

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Getting your lights set up on your touring bike can be tricky. Especially when carrying a load the lighting is better when your light is down low which is why PS has two new light mounts. The front rack mount is $7.99 and pretty straight forward, it bolts to your rack. The Braze on adapter is a little more at $19.99 and is reversible to mount mid fork, or at the dropout and features a 31.8mm clamp diameter.

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Finally, PS is introducing the new Chain Spy 2 which is designed to fit high direct mount standard but is designed for the PS Direct mount adapters (not included) for both standard mountain bikes or fat bikes. Pick one up for $39.99.


K11 - 03/16/14 - 2:46pm

these guys do a nice job at making parts bikers need to make something happen with builds.

dukeynz - 03/16/14 - 3:56pm

Have a RH adapter to allow my X0 Trail brakes with MMX mount a Saint 10s shifter – works a charm and recommended. Cheers Duken.

Ploutre - 03/16/14 - 5:00pm

FYI, the I-Spec B (which has been released by Shimano in ABSOLUTE secret) is actually out on the market since at least last summer. Bought my Shimano Saint M820 in June 2013, and I was rather surprised a month later when I bought the M820 shifter to see that I couldn’t put it on the shifters …

Problem is nobody knows about it, most online retailers do not know what they have, and more and more people are getting screwed because they thought they had 2 compatible brake lever and shifter, but they’re not.

The website where I bought the Saints off were nice enough to check it with Shimano Europe, and they got Shimano to send me a top cover for my shifter to be I-Spec B compatible

And by the way, if you can, get an I-Spec A shifter and derailleur. The fixation is MUCH simpler and less prone to break (on the I-Spec B, you screw a big M5 screw into a barrel attached to the brake lever with a insanely small axle … Better not overtighten that one !)

PDXFixed - 03/16/14 - 7:17pm

FWIW, that ChainSpy 2 will only work with their Direct Mount adapter, unless you’re rocking a 60 tooth chainring or something…

Andrew - 03/16/14 - 7:41pm

I-Spec B is an extremely large pain in every mechanic’s ass. I ran into the problem shortly after the new standard was released, and when I called Shimano I spoke to 3 people before someone actually knew what I was talking about. Then, I had to spend almost 30 bucks on some new plastic bits to adapt the customer’s shifter to the brake lever.

Love the parts, hate the company.

rhoop - 03/17/14 - 2:13am

A link would have been appropriate.

Shawn Moore - 03/19/14 - 11:17am

If you have access to a 3D printer, this file ( will print out a braze-on light mount. No, I didn’t copy Problem Solvers, I actually posted the file under a Creative Commons share-and-share-alike with attribution license over a year ago.

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