New Mobile App Bike Setup Makes Suspension Tuning Easy

The Bike Setup App is a unique little tool for iOS that lets you neatly record your suspension settings. It will set you back less than a dollar, but stores information for several bikes, and allows you to keep easy track of different front/rear suspension tunning and tire performance in various types of terrain. 

BikeSetup AppWhile I personally have a note pad on my phone that I try to keep updated with this type information, I can’t tell you how often I forget to update it, or forget to write down for which bike the suspension settings are for. The Bike Setup app not only has a visual component, but it also allows you to record and share settings with others, and as an additional bonus –  5% of all profits are being donated to NSMBA, a trail association.

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Garett - 03/06/14 - 9:44am

When this comes out for Android, I’ll be the first to download it. Keep us updated!

Devastazione - 03/06/14 - 10:19am

And once you’ve done with your set up you can share it on Facebook or Twitter and see how many likes you can get. “Bravo man,nice set up man ! Me likes !” ” Ehi,I’ve seen your post about your suspension set up man,way to go man”.
This app world is getting way too far..give it 5 more year and your Sram Red will automatically post your gear shift on Facebook.

patrik - 03/06/14 - 4:41pm


Good luck with that. If they can’t make any money on iOS, they will be making negative money on Android. Look at the stats–it’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more profitable to develop for iOS than it is for Android.

app-uncture - 03/06/14 - 6:21pm

@Garett, we haven’t started working on Android yet but its on the to do list. @patrick, this is more of an interesting project for us and a way to build some experience, any money made is a bonus really so its not the only driver! Our team of two both have other full time jobs so this is just a side project. @Devastazione, No plans to allow share to anything for now, I don’t think people really care how much sag you have! We are working on an export function should you wish to save the setups into excel or something. A few people have had a similar reaction, its just a different way of recording your bike setups, don’t get too worked up about it!

Scott - 03/07/14 - 12:19am

Does the app have a pLace to record tire psi? That is also super important to suspension set up.


app-uncture - 03/07/14 - 12:15pm

@Scott, sure does!

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