Arkel Launches Limited Edition Custom Color Program For Grand Touring Bags

Arkel GT PannierIf you’ve been on the fence about buying a pair of new panniers, this new custom color program from legendary manufacturer Arkel might help with your tough decision. From now until March 15th, the company is taking orders for custom bags in one of 6 limited edition colors. Once the last orders are in, production will begin. Each bag is hand made in Canada and the delivery window  is April 15th-May 1st.

Arkel Custom Bag ColorsThe series is limited to their GT-54 and GT-18 bags and a a pair of bags will run you about $400. Get yours here.


wyatt - 03/06/14 - 11:48am

Sweet–I love the green ones. If I didn’t already have a set of the stock yellow ones (which are bomber) Id be all over this. Arkel makes great bags!

Matthew - 03/06/14 - 3:36pm

“The series is limited to their GT-54 and GT-18 bags and a a pair of bags will run you about $400.”

True, but misleading. A pair of bags front and rear will actually cost $400 for the pair of GT-54 and 2 x $145 for two individually sold GT-18. Total runs you $690… and that doesn’t include the rain covers you need for the bags if you’re doing any sort of serious riding where precipitation is inevitable (they’re not watertight like most roll-down PVC coated panniers are). Those run you another $80.

TLDR: It’ll actually cost you $770 plus tax and shipping from Vermont.

Frank - 03/06/14 - 8:57pm

Zip lock freezer bags and garbage disposal bags are a better way to keep your gear dry, and as a bonus, organized then ponying up for rain covers.

Arkel is good stuff. Worth every penny.

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