Limited Edition: Cancer Fighting Headset Caps from Leave It On The Road

Leave it on the Road Headtube capsLast year Leave It On The Road rode across the US to raise fifty thousand dollars to benefit colon cancer. This year, the cycling publication is continuing to raise awareness with a series of books and accessories. First up is this limited edition headtube cap, which will be available in one of two cancer fighting colors -blue for colon and pink for breast cancer. In whatever color you chose, the words written across the cap are still poignant reminder of why we all ride.

The custom caps will be available next week, so stay tuned to their website here to order.


Todd - 03/05/14 - 7:16pm

My last chemo session for colon cancer is next week. I think I’ll have to buy myself a couple of blue caps!

AlanM - 03/05/14 - 7:59pm

@Todd, keep getting better and see you on the road!

Greg - 03/06/14 - 1:32am

@Todd, stay strong brother.

Clark - 03/06/14 - 12:53pm

Todd, I’ll be riding a few extra miles just for you this week!

Feel Better Friend.

j - 03/06/14 - 5:50pm

Congrats Todd!

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