Tattoos and Bike Chains, Fixie Gangsta Rap

Warning: Inappropriate Language.

Jump to 1.43 to learn why Dayton rims aren’t as cool as Aerespoke wheels, and let us know what your favorite lyric is in the comments….

You can download the whole album here.


Will - 03/03/14 - 5:51pm

I think I’ll wait for the Chris Hoy/Theo Bos remix.

bikeboi - 03/03/14 - 6:14pm

bikebois n da hood, you know what I’m sayin

Steve @ G4G - 03/03/14 - 6:35pm

“…show me your camel toe…”

NWF - 03/03/14 - 6:42pm

Im on my fixie doin tricks and your bish luddishit

Surly Shawn - 03/03/14 - 7:37pm


RA - 03/03/14 - 8:06pm

NWF – N***** With Fixies. Dope.

Velove - 03/03/14 - 8:19pm

The very definition of the term ‘A day late, and a dollar short’. Woefull song, and they couldn’t even ride well.

hello - 03/03/14 - 9:38pm


alex - 03/03/14 - 10:16pm

Glad to see they are not trying to ride bikes with pants around their ankles.

FarmerJohn - 03/03/14 - 11:18pm

Inappropriate language… I found it quite appropriate.

IbeRollin - 03/03/14 - 11:35pm

make a pill dissapear and blow some red lights N****, I be high!

Surly Shawn - 03/04/14 - 2:13am

@ Velove

Post a link to your band so we can critique it.

I’m sorry, what’s that…?

Lucidity - 03/04/14 - 2:40am

I’m kinda stoked dudes are stoked, but I wish they’d wear helmets.

gringo - 03/04/14 - 3:00am

why is the language inappropriate?

Puritans make me laugh.

Sardinian Rider - 03/04/14 - 3:38am

N*****S can’t ride…

mario - 03/04/14 - 9:45am

@gringo haha yea in the us you can’t show tits and if you say bad words you get bleeped, but if you kill 10 people with an axe you can show that to 6 year olds

nathan kensley - 03/04/14 - 9:46am

bring diversity to bike music. love it. aero spokes are forever awesome and silly at the same time.

AZBikeFreak - 03/04/14 - 2:52pm

Love dat shitt. That’s a great song. Makes me wanna buy me a fixie at the swap meet so I can get real wich you fellas. But I aint never ridin no fixie. I can respect a brutha with chain lube in his blood. Light it up if you got some. Much love and respect for the Fixie Goons.

alfa 115 - 03/04/14 - 6:46pm

I’ll tell you what my least favorite lyric is, the one that made me choose to cut it short.
They can call each other the N word and think it is a term of endearment but some of us don’t see it that way. The NFL just decided to take up this debate also….good luck with it…

erik - 03/05/14 - 8:05pm

fixies and gauges. so much cringe

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