Honoring A Monumental Grand Tour In Iconic Style, Rapha Salutes The ’74 Giro

Rapha Trade Team Jerseys at Coffee

Reveling in the glory days is a favorite cycling pastime. Amongst the most deified of cycling’s greatest moments sits the 1974 Giro d’Italia. In a striking tribute Rapha has unveiled a commemorative collection that honors that historic 57th edition of Italy’s Grand Tour. Raise your demitasse in an espresso salute, next…

Rapha Trade Team Jerseys

Remaining the smallest margin of victory the Giro has ever seen the Cannibal Merckx triumphed over the Italian Gianbattista Baronchelli by a mere 12 seconds — the 1974 World Champion Felice Gimondi took third with only 33 seconds in deficit. Such romantically pure racing, deserving of commendation, can now be on your shoulders.

Rapha Trade Team Jersey Merckx’s Molteni

Eddy took the Giro win in Molteni’s iconic orange with the number 1 pinned to his back.

Rapha Trade Team Jersey Gianbattista Baronchelli

Baronchelli rode for SCiC as number 132.

Rapha Trade Team Jersey  Bianchi-Campagnolo

The World Champion, number 11, flew the colors of Bianchi-Campagnolo.

Rapha Trade Team Jersey Mountains

Each ’74 Giro jersey uses Rapha’s Classic Jersey’s merino blend, and partial zip. Each can be had for $220. See more detailed pics, and purchase here.


Stefan Dennis - 02/28/14 - 10:50am

” Each can be had for $220. ”

Put that at the top of the page then it will save most people having to go through these homo-erotic money shots of over priced Chinese made mass produced rubbish.

THesteve4761 - 02/28/14 - 11:08am

Yes, indeed, good for sitting at the coffee shop.

badbikemechanic - 02/28/14 - 11:41am


K11 - 02/28/14 - 11:53am

things like this make me embarrassed to be a bicycle rider.

dg - 02/28/14 - 12:00pm

good for them. rapha does a great job with the marketing part of things, targeting the folks with a lot of $ and trustfundies. i don’t buy their stuff, can’t afford them, and don’t agree with their ethos. to me cycling is a people sport and those folks are catering to the 1%, of which there are many. can’t understand why clothing that is also made in China gets away with such a steep price tag. it’s not like folks are racing on them. it’s exclusive to the point of “we want only non-racing riders with strong affectation and deep pockets.” bottomline they’ll always have a following. the price tag is the fee for their exclusive club, which is fine by me. rapha makes a lot of $ and they deserve it. don’t like their stuff, don’t buy them. i think that for the money you can get just as nice bibs and jerseys from castelli and actually look like a racer.

MaLóL - 02/28/14 - 12:14pm

220$… my godness

In alibaba they sell this crap for 29.9$ shipped, just in case anyone wanna wear this crap.

fleche1454 - 02/28/14 - 12:16pm

do people actually stop mid ride for just espresso?

LP - 02/28/14 - 12:34pm

Bike messengers will love that!

PTO - 02/28/14 - 1:01pm

Nothing says ‘I like to ride bikes’ like sipping coffee with a haunted, brooding stare.

badbikemechanic - 02/28/14 - 1:15pm

Admin: why are all comments about the hipsters in this photo being edited out? Does your comment policy have some not mentioning hipsters clause in it?

badbikemechanic - 02/28/14 - 1:17pm

@LP There is no way I could afford rapha when I was a bike messenger on my 250-500$ a week earnings.

Henry - 02/28/14 - 1:28pm

The censorship on these post is incredible! You can’t even say “I hate $&#sters…..”

WOW! What a joke! I use to feel sorry for Bikerumor for all the people hating on you for your terrible grammar and misspelled words but now I really don’t….

Josh - 02/28/14 - 1:38pm

Rapha pretty much makes me sick. They kind of make make me want to stop riding bikes.

Tom - 02/28/14 - 1:52pm

God bless Rapha if they can get big $ for their stuff, it’s called marketing.

It’s just too bad their marketing is built on no helmet wearing bearded hipsters. Some of them have started showing up on the local group ride, and they’ve proven to be every bit as (deleted) as you’d expect.

Andy Mac - 02/28/14 - 2:54pm

I do wear Rapha and I can afford their exorbitant prices! Their ‘stuff’ looks good and performs. At least I don’t look like a wannabe racer in my 10 year old Postal replica kit 2 sizes too big for me.

So listen up all you haters and inverted snobs. Just live and let live and stop pigeon holing people; you’re no better than the folk you think you a ridiculing.

dude - 02/28/14 - 3:04pm

I used to race “full time”. I have also been known to stop mid ride for a coffee. I have bought some of their stuff, but I have returned all upon arrival. I couldn’t live with myself seeing the large price tag and the “Made in China” tag. It just doesn’t add up.

Actually, I did keep a scarf from them. Gave it to my wife. I got lucky that night, but I don’t think it was cause of a the Rapha scarf.

Greg - 02/28/14 - 3:10pm


badbikemechanic - 02/28/14 - 3:44pm

@Andy Mac

Do you also ride without a helmet? Keep it real.

Eyal - 02/28/14 - 4:02pm

People who wear Rapha look so homogeneous, especially in groups. It is almost embarrassing how weirdly distinctive the look is now. But their super fit women group rides are awesome.

Gilberto Simoni - 02/28/14 - 4:02pm

Haters gonna hate, eh? Complain, complain, complain. Not all pieces are made in China and before all of the stones are cast upon Rapha, check your frames, components, wheels, handlebars, etc., made overseas as well. There are very few, if any, derogatory comments about a Dura Ace crankset, in terms of origin or cost.

Also before you pass judgement on “douchey” riders, be thankful for the fact that new individuals coming into our sport increase cycling awareness as well as supporting the industry as a whole.

The hatred and animosity directed towards Rapha is unwarranted and disgusting. Cycling in the United States is a sport that is challenged on every front for acceptance and understanding yet in this forum as well as many other cycling forums, we continue to tear down and degrade the very companies that encourage growth and sustainability.

In light of recent professional rider scandals, would our energy be better served supporting the companies, local dealers, local riders and racers to ensure cycling can rebound and thrive for the betterment of all?

David Johnson - 02/28/14 - 4:04pm

Haters gonna hate, eh? Complain, complain, complain. Not all pieces are made in China and before all of the stones are cast upon Rapha, check your frames, components, wheels, handlebars, etc., made overseas as well. There are very few, if any, derogatory comments about a Dura Ace crankset, in terms of origin or cost.

Also before you pass judgement on “douchey” riders, be thankful for the fact that new individuals coming into our sport increase cycling awareness as well as supporting the industry as a whole.

The hatred and animosity directed towards Rapha is unwarranted and disgusting. Cycling in the United States is a sport that is challenged on every front for acceptance and understanding yet in this forum as well as many other cycling forums, we continue to tear down and degrade the very companies that encourage growth and sustainability.

In light of recent professional rider scandals, would our energy be better served supporting the companies, local dealers, local riders and racers to ensure cycling can rebound and thrive for the betterment of all?

j - 02/28/14 - 4:17pm

Step 1: Offshore manufacturing but claim Portland to justify pricing
Step 2: Desaturated hipster marketing photos
Step 3: Profit

Callum - 02/28/14 - 5:13pm

Relax guys, it’s just a jersey.

AZBikeFreak - 02/28/14 - 5:28pm

Rapha stuff is cool looking but the marketing and pricing is utterly ridiculous and so pretentious.

It’s not something I would wear or pay for. I have a friend that pretends to be a hipster by wearing Rapha. I should say he only owns one outfit. He can’t afford to have multiple pieces. Lame.

In fact, I would rather wear buy the clearance rack 10 year old Postal kit two sizes too big and spend the rest of the coin on keeping my machine in tip top form.

Hans - 02/28/14 - 6:08pm

Don’t have anything bad to say about Rapha. Free market makes both, cheap and expensive things.

Looking at the bar scene above, though, I think that back int ’74 the riders might not have been all that frugal, sharing a single banana them three.

Mermock - 02/28/14 - 6:17pm

Go onto a car site and complain about how you can’t afford a Benz and how everyone driving one is awful.

You don’t have to relate to what others appreciate, but seriously, a sad bunch here.

notsofast - 02/28/14 - 6:19pm

I actually like and wear some of their bits. Especially enjoy the winter hat. It’s not to say I don’t also wear brands (predominantly) such as castelli. Anyway, not sure all the hate for the brand. It’s akin to hating a porsche or ferrari, or park city if you can’t make it there. And, well, a nice ride in Europe w/ a coffee break doesn’t sound so bad to me.

Can bikerumor post a score card so I can keep up w/ the who to exclude and hate crowd? I ride for enjoyment, the camaraderie and competition. Hate on, people.

David - 02/28/14 - 6:36pm

I get my retro jerseys from Prendas Ciclismo. 7-11 FTW. I did order the Rapha softshell jacket, and it’s fantastic.

Mike - 02/28/14 - 6:53pm

I like their stuff so much, but their branding is so over the top… I don’t want to be labeled for wearing it. I don’t like the no helmet thing either, somebody mentioned that below. Put on your bucket, mate. It’s almost too cool. However I can’t say I’ll never wear this stuff. Their other gear is understated and I hear rave reviews about their base layers.

Macklemore's Children - 02/28/14 - 7:26pm

I buy my jerseys at Goodwill. $7.99, 14 day return policy. Keepin’ it thrifty, y’all.

Matt - 02/28/14 - 7:37pm

Was trying to think of a response, but I think everyone has already summed it up well. Good to know that their are a few folks out there that don’t buy into this (deleted) crap.

Devin - 02/28/14 - 8:01pm

For the record- a mid-ride coffee or espresso is awesome, you don’t have to look shell shocked while you’re doing it, that’s a personal choice.

Also for the record- when there is a company like Search and State that makes incredibly nice clothing IN THE US for less money than this stuff, it just goes to show that people aren’t just buying a piece of clothing- they’re buying an ethos.

I personally loathe the cult of exclusivity that Rapha devotees exude, but I’m also usually the only one on a group ride that waves to all other riders- maybe I’m not a real roadie?

captain wafer - 02/28/14 - 8:41pm

Get off the over priced china made carbon fiber high horse you rode in on and let people buy what they like.

greg - 02/28/14 - 8:56pm

the only thing that really bothers me is the lack of helmets.

jim - 02/28/14 - 9:01pm

I actually like the Rapha kit BUT it’s too expensive – if you’d like something which is similar (very similar actually) but not as fancy and without the “branding” then try Torm. http://www.torm.cc also from the UK.

Rapha tried to put them through the wringer over copying them but it’s kind’ve the pot calling the kettle black as Rapha seems to be rather similar to the Raphaeal team from mid last century.

onespeed - 02/28/14 - 9:41pm

sad to see so many haters in the bike community. rapha makes high quality products. just because you can’t afford it does not make it crap or bad for cycling.

RED - 02/28/14 - 9:53pm


“Cannibal” (not Canibal)

“$250” (not 220)

Ah the good ol’ hatin’ on Rapha schtick, move along people

Jim - 02/28/14 - 10:08pm

Not sure what happened to my first post ….

I don’t mind the Rapha jerseys (I did get one as a present) BUT the branding/marketing and price leaves be a bit cold …. if you want a cheaper alternative try Torm.

Eddy - 02/28/14 - 10:41pm

Not buying into The whole “respectfully made in China” crap. I wonder what their profit margins are on one said cannibal jersey. SURE i bet it fits great and rides like a dream jersey made of babies head hairs, but the fact that it costs 250 and probally costs no more that 20 bucks to make (being generous here) is complete BS. This thread reminds me alot of one that you would find on HYPEBEAST about the latest supreme lookbook. Im sorry but as a bike racer whos money goes mostly into equipment, races, traveling, etc. this stuff just simply does not appeal to me. If you can afford it then more power to ya, just more motivation for me to blow your doors off.

Mr. Marbles - 02/28/14 - 11:10pm

So what you’re saying is, if I’m out riding in one of their jerseys, enjoying life and all that the sport provides, you’ll be the guy “blowing my doors off” in your mind, and I’ll laugh at the (deleted) who can’t relax while wearing spandex on a Sunday morning.

Sardinian rider - 03/01/14 - 2:02am


MaLóL - 03/01/14 - 2:35am


Kristi Benedict - 03/01/14 - 6:17am

I would like to remind everyone of our Comments Policy: http://www.bikerumor.com/comments-policy/

Eddy - 03/01/14 - 6:58am

wait….your supposed to do relaxed rides on sunday morning? maybe im at the wrong group ride…..but either way everyone that backs rapha is still blatantly ignoring the fact that they not only sell you an image, they cram it down your throat with you WELL KNOWING that it is made in China for probably shockingly less then what it costs you. Hope you got the IPP.

onespeed - 03/01/14 - 7:13am

what’s up with all the complaints about making a profit? profit margins are abound and varied in the cycling industry. if you don’t like capitalism, defect to north korea.

Matt - 03/01/14 - 8:17am

I propose to use Facebook login to allow to comment. Then suddenly we will see a lot less hate as they will not write that under their own names.

If you can’t afford it then look for cheap s”#$t and stop being an idiot. If you can’t make enough money to buy yourself 6k bike then this stuff is not for you either… so what’s the point of commenting that??

cheap stuff is for low income people and expensive stuff is for the people who use their brain to actually make money. I would never want to wear cheap stuff when i can afford expensive ones.

Micah Redfield - 03/01/14 - 9:31am

#RED – good catch on the spelling of Merckx’s nickname (now fixed).
As for the price, Rapha is still quoting $220 if purchased directly from them.

aaron - 03/01/14 - 11:13am

Rapha wearers making comments about the people who dislike it as ones who can’t afford it is completely misguided. Price has nothing to do with it, i just don’t want to be associated with “that” crowd and look like a dumb (female dog) in the process.

*no disrespect to dogs, just needed to make a point.

MCM - 03/01/14 - 12:25pm

1) Who cares what Rapha’s marketing shows? Either the product is good, or it’s not. People don’t buy multiple pieces of Rapha kit because of hipster photoshoots.

2) Rapha’s stuff is GOOD. Great, actually. I wish it wasn’t, because then I’d save money getting Castelli or Capo. But Rapha (and Assos) are just objectively better stuff to wear. And anytime I suffer a little less on the bike, it’s a win. And that’s not even touching on style. I wish other kit manufacturers would give up the lame swooshes and “high-tech” looking touches that look gaudy and — yes — poser-ish. Rapha’s understated classical styling is easily the most beautiful in the biz.

3) Is Rapha worth the cost? The workmanship is stellar. The materials are solid. The attention to detail is exquisite. Does that justify the premium price? For me, it does. And I wish it didn’t. But like almost everywhere else in life, you get what you pay for, and in this case, you’re paying for the best.

So you hate Rapha because it’s expensive? Kinda lame. You must go through life constantly hating, because there is always something more expensive somewhere.

You hate it because of their cheesy photoshoots? It’s cycling gear, not wall posters.

You hate it because the people wearing it aren’t grizzled cycling racers who can blow the doors off everyone else? Good for you! Be the guy on the Schwinn crushing the guy on the Pinarello if that’s what validates you.

Everyone else should be applauding the growing popularity of cycling, encouraging every single person on the road for supporting our great sport, and celebrating the capitalistic fact that the high end doesn’t just drive the R&D than eventually trickles down to lower price points (look at gruppos, or bikes), but also spurs cheaper knock-off copycats, like the several companies linked on the thread above.

Misterha - 03/01/14 - 12:30pm

@AMaLóL if you don’t like what bikerumor is doing then why bother continuing to visit the blog? If people have a problem with Rapha then why not just email them directly and tell them how much you hate them, but wait I need to express it publicly and throw some trash talking and reap the attention.

Bikerumor can really do what they want, they provide good content with factory tours, behind the scene looks and great interviews. Whats wrong with that?

So the people who comment on Bikerumor hate the following:

Any small company that has a carbon frame(Claiming its a repainted open mold frame)
Any large bike company that has a high price frame (Claiming its just made in the east = overpriced)
Any small company producing wheel(same claims)
Any Ti frame maker(because we’re all expert welders)
and so on…

Lets move on people.

Tom - 03/01/14 - 3:29pm

To put a finer point on what the hipsters are doing wrong on the ride – not calling out potholes, going soft when they hit the front (so any poor sucker in the pace line taking a drag on the bottle will nail the wheel ahead of him/her), opening gaps in the pace line that someone else has to close, surging on the hills so the people who have been pulling need to dig hard to get back in the group etc. you know, the kind of stuff that’s dangerous, all because ” ya know brah, it’s all good, we’re just chilling” blah blah kind if drivel. You ride with a group, take some responsibility to make the ride better, not turn it into your own demonstration of counterculturalism. And wear a helmet so we don’t have to pick up your brains with a spatula when you dump.

Back to Rapha, if they can figure out a way to sell the stuff, more power to them. But romanticism of the hipster is a bit of a letdown.

Misterha - 03/01/14 - 3:38pm

I’m not telling you what to say or what to do did I? but you’re not doing any better claiming what cycling should be and who’s acceptable to be a cyclist. Maybe you should think about why bikerumor would censor some of the comments here. Trash talking and slandering is good content how? Harsh criticism? I can understand that because we’re all passionate about the sport.

eric - 03/01/14 - 5:55pm

Is there another website where I can complain about the insufferable Bike Rumor commenters?

RUSTYDOGG - 03/02/14 - 10:23am

I’m just happy to come here to see the Road Kill girl.

Ralphy - 03/02/14 - 1:08pm

Cycling culture etiquette: You have to approve of everything cycling-related. If you don’t, you are instantly as bad as the thing you don’t like.

badbikemechanic - 03/02/14 - 3:16pm


Not true. Cycling is tribal. It’s more like pick your camp- road bike, hipster on a track bike, downhill, 29er etc and bitch about everyone who doesn’t follow the protocol.

Padrote - 03/02/14 - 3:45pm

are you people really that bored and insecure that you feel the need to defend the honor of a clothing company?

S. Molnar - 03/02/14 - 4:26pm

At the risk of saying something relevant, no, Gimondi was not the 1974 world champion. He had the rainbow jersey at the time of the 1974 Giro, but he was the 1973 champion. A Belgian won in 1974.

Ricardothenorthernmonkey - 03/02/14 - 5:28pm

And I thought it was us Brits that were meant to be uptight…
By the way, lovin’ my RAPHA (rebranded) espresso cups!

hollywood - 03/02/14 - 8:24pm

Boy, this comment section is a bag of d!cks.
Try being as judgmental about yourself (and your comments) as you are about everybody else (who isn’t you, or your buddy),
and finally, get over it.

barrierhero - 03/02/14 - 9:43pm

Its 2014, can we stop calling skinny guys with beards hipsters?

Adam - 03/03/14 - 8:30am

For that price you can go on ebay and buy a original wool jersey from ’74. Regardless, Rapha never seems to endorse helmets. That is the worst part.

Jim - 03/03/14 - 9:39am

If you happen to be poor and cannot afford it, don’t bad mouth it. It makes you look stupid. If you really want to bad mouth it, get a nicer paying job, stop flipping burgers, and then criticize. It gives more credibility that way.

I don’t get it; if you cannot afford Rapha stuff, things you can afford are all probably made in China anyway.

Reynard - 03/03/14 - 6:31pm

I can afford it and still think they suck. In yo face, Jim!

Seriously, comments like ‘if you can’t afford it, you can’t criticize it’ are childish and irrational. It’s like elitist a who say you can’t criticize music unless you’re a musician. You really told everyone, Jim, I bet they’re all feeling really bad.

But, I’ll tell you what I can’t afford: a herion habit. Guess I can’t criticize heroin users. Tard.

Joshua Murdock - 03/03/14 - 8:26pm

Been spendin’ most their lives, livin’ in a hipsta’s paradise…

Jim - 03/04/14 - 10:34am


It is nothing more than a sore loser mentality when one irrationally criticizes the entire operation based on pricing and where it is made. This is a stupidity of astronomical proportion with copious amount of embarrassments to go with it.

Jealousy is a fun thing to observe.

I can tell you that a truly skillful musician would not be bothered by criticisms of his technique made by non musicians. They just don’t mean much.

Drug abuse is a mental illness. It takes more than being a tard to abuse drugs.

Mike - 03/20/14 - 7:28pm

I love the comments on this type of stuff. I especially like the criticism of the Made in China label . . . as though the computer they’re typing on, the mobile phone in their pocket, or even the bike they’re riding isn’t wholly or partly manufactured in China etc. As for the anti-hipster thing . . . that just makes me laugh. Keep up the comedy guys and gals.

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