Specialized Rolls Out 650B Tires, New Models Soon?

Specialized-650B-Fast-Trak-S-Works-TireFor consumers and retailers alike, Specialized tires have long been some of the best performing tires available for the money, so we’re excited to announce they’ll now be offering some of their options for 650b wheels. The company is the last major manufacturer without a 650B model in their mountain bike lineup, but we hope the new tire offerings is a sign of things to come. Shortly before Trek announced it’s first 650B offerings, the company also quietly began stocking 650B tubes and tires on their dealer support site.

The 650B tires currently available are:  Fast Trak S-Works (in 650b x 2.0)$65 MSRP, the Ground Control (in 650b x 2.1) $55 MSRP, the Purgatory Grid (650b x 2.3) $65 MSRP, and the Butcher Control (650b x 2.3) $55 MSRP. A 650bx1.75-2.4″ tube with a 40mm valve stem and removable core is also available.

UPDATED Check out our scale shots of the new tires here.

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Ck - 02/21/14 - 2:33pm

I might get the Fast Trak, but i’ve heard mixed reviews about the thin sidewalls and fast wearing tread on the S-Works tires, so I might wait and hope they make a Control version soon.

What - 02/21/14 - 2:41pm

Cool story Brah!

Sardinian rider - 02/21/14 - 4:27pm

CK : fas track sworks,fart on it and it splits wide open. Just busted mine on my 2014 Epic,took me 2 rides. It applies to ALL sworks tires.

mountguitars - 02/21/14 - 4:37pm

coming from a company who said there’s no use for 650B bikes? no thanks.

Nick - 02/21/14 - 5:33pm

Ck- Yes, the S-Works are thin. I got a full riding season out of one on front. But I won’t use them in the back, as thats were most of my sidewall issues come from. Especially when I’m tired. I think some of the Specialized racers do the same.

mountguitars– they said the same thing for 29ers; turned out pretty well for them. There was no use, until there was one.

I wouldn’t be surprised within a few years if all of their high end stuff was 27.5 or 29…

Jeff - 02/21/14 - 5:57pm

Nick – they said the same thing about 29ers, till they were established, ie. profitable.
Not criticizing for business sense, but more for the “Innovate or Die” and “and extra 3 inches” other marketing.
Most marketing is BS, then there is that…

Mr. P - 02/21/14 - 6:11pm

Get in the Market or Die!®


suede - 02/21/14 - 8:33pm

Good thing you put your trademark on that one Mr. P. Release the hounds!

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