Review: Cinelli’s Italo 79 Windtex Waterproof Winter Cycling Cap

Cinelli Italo 79 WInd-Tex waterproof winter cycling cap review

The Cinelli Italo 79 Windtex cycling cap makes for the almost perfect winter head warmer.

The main section is wind and waterproof Windtex material, which not only blocks the wind (I didn’t test it in the rain) but claims to regulate temperatures by allowing excess moisture to evaporate through the slightly elastic fabric. It works, and the soft fabric drop down ear cover means this cap replaces a beanie with the bonus of a visor to keep the low winter sun from blinding me. And it does all this without bulk, fitting perfectly under even smaller helmets like Mavic’s.

Fit was perfect, and perfectly comfortable. Many standard cotton cycling caps are just a bit too tight, giving me a headache after about an hour. This one’s soft, stretchy material never caused any discomfort.

Cinelli Italo 79 WInd-Tex waterproof winter cycling cap review

Full ear coverage and a slim fit without giving up warmth make it a winner. The only complaint is that on days when it actually is freezing, my brow would get tingly cold since coverage stops at the top of the forehead. The rest of my head was perfectly warm into the high 20’s (F) though. I didn’t ride in weather colder than that with this cap.

Cinelli Italo 79 WInd-Tex waterproof winter cycling cap review

Reflective piping at the back adds a bit of visibility, even if most of it is hidden by the helmet. If your looking for good winter head protection, look no further. MSRP $45.85 USD. One size fits all.


3G - 02/18/14 - 10:43am

This looks like a good alternative to those rubber helmet cover/shower cap things. Thanks for the review.

Tommy Rodgers - 02/18/14 - 11:28am

I like the headshot. “Pensive Tyler reflecting upon his busy day” 😉

K11 - 02/18/14 - 1:37pm

hipsters are scrambling to place their orders!

MaLóL - 02/19/14 - 10:24am

Hipsters gonna hip!!!!

Mark - 02/24/14 - 5:50pm

Not testing waterproof hat in rain is as smart as testing your swimsuit by hanging out in your apartment.

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