Niner Hopping the Barrier to Cyclocross? Plus, New Single Chainring & Orange JET9

Niner Jet9 Carbon sunshine orange color

Niner Bikes has just unveiled Niner Orange, a juicy new option for the JET9 Carbon frames and bikes. The complete bikes are available in three builds, from SLX to XT to X01. More pics after the break.

They’ve also cranked out their own narrow/wide chainring called Ringalicious. It’s CNC’d from 7075 alloy and designed specifically for 1x systems. It’ll also work with singlespeeds, matching up with their Cogalicious rear cog. For now, it’s offered in a 32 tooth count only, 104BCD. Weight is 43g (claimed) and comes with Niner chainring bolts. Available in anodized black or titanium (finish, not material) for $54.99. Hits stores January 24.

Now, about that cyclocross rumor. They just sent out PR about sponsoring the CLIF Bar MTB and CX team for the 2014-15 season, starting on their mountain bikes as of right now. With both pro and development squads on the bikes, it’s our bet there’s more than the recently introduced RLT9 gravel bike on the horizon. That one starts shipping February 13, which leaves quite a bit of year for something more CX specific to run up the line. Read between the lines of the full PR at bottom of the post…

Niner Jet9 Carbon sunshine orange color

Niner Jet9 Carbon sunshine orange color

Niner Jet9 Carbon sunshine orange color

Niner Ringalicious narrow wide single front chainring for mountain bikes

The Ringalicious’ teeth alternate slightly wider than each other but don’t have the cross-tooth profiles of SRAM’s, so no licensing of X-Sync technology on these.


Following a strong showing at cyclocross nationals, Niner Bikes has signed on as the official bike sponsor for Team CLIF Bar’s MTB & CX professional and development squads for the 2014-15 seasons. 

Dylan Seguin, Team CLIF Director, said, “Niner Bikes is a terrific fit for Team CLIF MTB & CX – Niner will support both our professional and development squads, which gives us great continuity into the future.”

“Niner makes some of the best mountain bikes in the world and we are excited to have such a promising group of young riders on them,” said Carla Hukee, Niner Global Marketing Manager. “The CLIF racing programs have a reputation for professionalism and ambassadorship. We are excited to be their bike of choice – they will not only be our representatives at the races but will also help us to inform new product development. Additionally, CLIF and Niner Bikes have fantastic alignment in our support of IMBA – this will hopefully lead to added benefit for Niner’s favorite non-profit.”

The program commences immediately – racing fans can expect to see Niner’s One 9 RDO and Jet 9 RDO models under CLIF athletes this year. The first national event of the season will be the March 2014 ProXCT in Texas.


Badbikemechanic - 01/21/14 - 5:09pm

Brilliant move niner! I will be purchasing an air 9 carbon due all your awesome moves in the mtb scene.

CDG - 01/21/14 - 7:15pm

Curious if this will drive a more CX-specific version of the RLT…i.e., RLT RDO. Should be interesting to see what unfolds!

Mark Syme (@MarkBikeFanatic) - 01/22/14 - 3:51am

Well at least we’ll be able to spot their cross bikes pretty easily!!!

the_contrarian - 01/22/14 - 6:47am

C’mon!…where is the Vana White version? I’d love a RIP’er killer whale!

K11 - 01/22/14 - 1:20pm

niner has to do something(cyclocross), for locking themselves out of any other wheel size.

Andy_G - 01/22/14 - 1:41pm

Looks like they did away with the internal cable routing for the rear der out of the bottom bracket. Finally! It was a pain to manage….this new solution looks to pop out on the downtube. Amen.

CXisfun - 01/22/14 - 2:35pm

@Andy_G: And more importantly, no more ghost shifting or patch kits for the RD. Even when you cut the housing to the exact mm they specify, that short piece caused a lot of issues running from the downtube to the chain stay around the lower pivot…..

Tyler Benedict - 01/22/14 - 2:52pm

Andy G – correct, this change has been in the line for a bit now, around the time they split the JET9 model into standard carbon and RDO versions. I have both, and yes, it’s much better now.

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