Blow Past Shark Bites With The Hammerhead, Genuine Innovations’ Intuitive CO2 Inflator


When sharks attack you mid-ride, 50 miles from home, you’d better be prepared to fight back. In the old days that meant wielding your frame pump and attempting to bludgeon them to death with 100+ tire-inflating-reps of the pump. Whew! No longer a need to visit the gym to work the bi’s and tri’s this week!

When Genuine Innovations started innovating in 1989 all that pumping nonsense went the way of Barney Rubble. It’s been one innovation after the next ever since. The newest weapon in the never-ending fight against mid-ride shark-bites is the Hammerhead CO2 Tire Inflator. To see just how well it kills sharks, chomp past the break…



Weighing in at 26g the Hammerhead boasts ease of use as its claim to fame – simply thread on most any size cartridge (12g, 16g, 20g, 25g, BigAir) and all your Hammerhead control comes via the big green button, making this tool the “most intuitive compact CO2 inflator ever.” Hammerhead equipped riders are MacGyver-prepared for any valve type with its Auto Detect Head. Throw in Genuine Innovations’ Lifetime Guarantee and you have yourself one mean shark-repelling machine.


patrik - 01/21/14 - 5:34pm

That’s a strange looking patent number.

edge - 01/21/14 - 7:30pm

The black piece looks like a rapid prototype.

Lbs - 01/21/14 - 11:01pm

Shame that priority has gone to Walmart over LBS’s for stocking this brand…

iperov - 01/22/14 - 1:33am

I used same inflator.
Problems are freezing valve cup to ice shell, and CO2 leak faster than air.

Ellen - 01/22/14 - 1:58am

I have a similar co2 setup (topeak) and carry 2 canisters with me . Just could be me, but I’ve never had luck with the first shot, usually they either leak away or freezes the area under the tube’s valvle thus on occasions, damaging the replacement tube.
I ran my tubes with stan’s nowadays :)

blackbox - 01/22/14 - 6:35am

So what stops you blowing the tube up via over filling and creating another puncture as pumps are generally limited to 90-120 psi for the micro ones?
It really needs a blow off valve as non exist to date, technology is already there i.e. garages where you fill your car tyres. So this in reality is another pointless product where a ton exist.

Dave B - 01/22/14 - 8:48am

CO2 inflators are very convenient when you need a road side flat repair but those threaded cartridges are absurdly expensive. The Genuine Innovations housing that takes plain unthreaded 12 gm cylinders costs much less, the cartridges are super cheap and you don’t freeze your hands using it. A 12 gm cylinder will get about 90 psi in a 700-23 tire and that’s enough to get you to a real pump. Yes CO2 leaks out faster than air but it’s not intended for routine use.

Psi Squared - 01/22/14 - 10:41am

Even with a 16g cartridge, you’re not going to be able to rupture your inner tube. I use Genuine Innovations Microflate and have had zero issues with freezing a valve stem or my fingers.

Robo - 01/22/14 - 11:16am

Blackbox and iperov, wat? You don’t fill your tires with CO2 on the regular, this is for roadside, emergency flat repairs. And a 16 gm cartridge gets a road tire to about 120 psi, you’ll never blow up anything.

puffy - 01/22/14 - 11:47am

I always recommend riding with an endless supply of pressurized air, aka a hand pump.

Scott - 01/22/14 - 12:08pm

I’m with LBS. As soon as they were bought and then refocused on big box stores, it became a dead brand to me.

Also the Shiny Object by PDW is the best inflator I have ever touched.

colavitos_ghost - 01/22/14 - 2:09pm

+1 on the PDW Shiny Object. works every time.

CW - 01/23/14 - 10:31am

This article doesnt make any sense. WTF is a shark bite? A pinch flat? What does this inflator have to do with that?

reubenmc - 01/23/14 - 12:31pm

Another happy shiny object user

Jim Logan - 01/24/14 - 11:32pm

I like the design and the category of product. But the marketing is so condescending it makes me not want to to support the product. Each tool has its place. And I use inflators probably 90% of the time. But pumps have their time and place.

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