Video: The Life of a Bike Seat

Sometimes I wish I led my dogs life, then I watched this video.


Hashbrowns - 01/20/14 - 7:43pm

Seriously, Bikerumor, seriously?

I mean, I know you ARE Bikerumor, and we’re not supposed to take anything you post seriously, but this might just be a new low. Also “LED,” not “LEAD.”

Saris Mercanti - 01/20/14 - 7:46pm



LilJoe - 01/20/14 - 8:15pm

Mmmm. I have always liked hashbrowns. I may have to switch and go with home fries from now on. I think that this a nice break from all the bike geek on here.

Matt - 01/20/14 - 8:16pm

I feel like this is bikerumor’s high water mark so far.

Friction Shifter - 01/20/14 - 8:32pm

Hashbrowns needs to re-focus a little… I sink Hashbrowns waz da only 1 who red da caption.

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