Cycling Sports Group Drops 2014 Prices for All GT Force X, Sensor, and GTS Bikes in the UK

UK Price Drop

New year, new price. Well, at least for riders in the UK looking to pick up a new GT bicycle. Cycling Sports Group, formerly Hotwheels International and now one of UK’s largest bicycle distributors with GT, Cannondale, Mongoose, Schwinn, a number of BMX brands and more, has announced lower pricing for a number of bikes from GT in 2014. That’s good news for anyone looking to purchase a GT Force X, Sensor, or GTS road bike, as there are some significant decreases in the Recommended Retail Pricing.

Find out just how much after the jump.

UK GT Price Drop 2

  • GT 14 Force X Pro CRB MD              Original Price – £5,299.99  New RRP – £4,499.99
  • GT 14 Force X Expert CRB MD        Original Price – £3,999.99  New RRP -£3,499.99

UK GT Price Drop

  • GT 14 Sensor Pro BLU MD                             Original Price – £3,499.99             New RRP – £2,499.99
  • GT 14 Sensor Expert RED MD                      Original Price -  £2,799.99             New RRP – £2,199.00
  • GT 14 Sensor Elite BLK MD                            Original Price – £2,299.99             New RRP – £1,749.00
  • GT 14 Sensor Crb Expert RAW MD            Original Price – £3,899.99            New RRP -  £2,899.00
  • GT 14 Sensor Crb Pro RAW MD                   Original Price – £4,999.99             New RRP – £3,999.00

UK GT Price Drop 3

  • GT 14 GTS Elite BLK MD                 Original Price – £1,049.99 New RRP – £999.99
  • GT 14 GTS Expert WHT MD         Original Price – £949.99 New RRP – £799.00
  • GT 14 GTS Comp WHT MD            Original Price – £749.99 New RRP – £699.00
  • GT 14 GTS Sport BLK MD               Original Price – £649.99 New RRP – £599.00



Matt - 01/13/14 - 5:57pm

Sounds like the independent dealers are getting hosed on this one.

marge - 01/14/14 - 2:18am

I should think so! Massively over priced for the spec

mike - 01/14/14 - 12:01pm

lmao almost 1k off on the top models. Cycling sports group sucks! Don’t buy their lame a** products unless their on closeout for dirt cheap. This is a company that does not give a rats a** about their independent dealers.

whatthe? - 01/14/14 - 12:36pm

Wow Bike Rumor. Way to drop a big deuce on the independent dealers of the industry. Is this an advertisement or a news story?

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