Didn’t See That Coming- Trek Acquires Electra Bicycle Company

Trek Purchases Electra Bike Company

Trek has been known to acquire companies along they way. When they see smaller companies like Bontrager, Klein, Lemond, and Gary Fisher doing big things, rather than purchase them and put them out of business, the Trek method has been to continue to operate said businesses as normal, but to use the Trek supply chain and resources to grow the brands even further. That seems to be the case with their latest acquisition of Electra Bicycles – one of the leading companies in life style cycling, and the company that really championed Flat Foot Technology (geometry that allows flat feet on the ground when stopped).

Electra president Skip Hess mentioned, “We’re thrilled to have a great new partner in Trek. “It’s going to give us the resources to grow the Electra brand and get more people everywhere riding and loving Electra.” The Electra brand will continue to operate out of its Vista, California head quarters with Skip at the helm. What will this do to the current line of Trek comfort and hybrid bikes? Only time will tell.

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Shimano SH-R785 Hydraulic Road Disc Brakes – Actual Weights

Shimano SH-R785 road bike hydraulic disc brakes actual weights and detail photos

Thanks to our friends over at Wheelworks in New Zealand, (who’ve sent us some interesting articles before) we’ve got some actual weights on the new Shimano SH-R785 road bike hydraulic disc brakes.

Mounted up to this gorgeous Independent Fabrication road bike, they’re currently using a Campy crank until their longer 177.5 Dura Ace cranks arrive, and use larger 160mm rotors since 140mm Freeza rotors aren’t available for the rear. Personally, I’d stick with 160mm rotors front and rear, but that’s just me. Click through for their weigh in photos, install notes and first impressions…


Campagnolo Continues the Experience for 2014, Register now for VIP Rides, Meals, and Tours

Campy Experience

They say to understand it, you have to experience it. Campagnolo is known for making some of the most lust worthy bicycle parts around, but they also claim to produce passion. Passion for cycling, roads, Italy, everything that makes riding great. To offer the chance for others to appreciate what fails to be described, Campagnolo introduced the Campagnolo Experience in 2013 to coincide with their 80th anniversary. Now, Campagnolo has announced that the 2013 edition will be one of many, with the 2014 edition already taking shape.

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Can you Shred on a Fatbike? Cold Rolled 5: The SBR Shred Session

Think about it this way – you can skid, drift, and flick all you want and no one can complain about you damaging the trails. Because it’s snow. Can you shred on a fatbike? That’s really a rhetorical question – you can shred on any bike. But when you have a purpose built, freshly groomed Snow Bike Route, riding it as fast as possible was bound to happen. The final segment of the Cold Rolled series brings the in depth look at Marquette’s fatbike culture to a close. Look for the whole film to be released on January 11.

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The Fat Bike Company Launches Turnagain Components, FR80 rims and RS80 Rim Strips Up First

Turnagain FR80 Rims

If the Fat Bike Company sounds familiar, it might be due to the fact that as the parent company of Borealis Bikes, they’ve certainly been turning some heads in the fatbike world recently. Now, the same team that brought you the incredible 21 pound carbon Yampa fatbike has a new project. Setting their sights on components, the Fat Bike Company is introducing Turnagain – a parts and accessories company dedicated to fatbikes. Turnagain might sound like an odd name for a component company, but it finds its roots in the Turnagain Pass and Arm just South of Anchorage, Alaska, known for its snowy playground.

Rims are just the beginning, as the company plans on releasing a number of parts in the future. For now though, check out the eyeletted rims and rim strips after the jump!


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Fat Biking Highline Trail in Canmore, Alberta

 Fat Biking Highline Trail in Canmore, Alberta

Photo submitted by Mike Sarnecki, photo credit: David Roberts.

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