Win a Titanium Caletti Road Bike in Easton’s January Dream Bike Charity Sweepstakes

Caletti Easton Dream Bike

As the latest bike up for grabs in Easton’s Dream Bike Charity Sweepstakes, this sweet titanium Caletti road bike is going to a new home. As with the rest of the bikes in the giveaway, all it takes to enter is to purchase a $5 ticket from the Easton Raffle facebook page. The 54cm road bike features a whale on the down tube, but the real winning sea creature here are sharks since all of the proceeds are being donated to Shark Savers, a group dedicated to “saving sharks and mantas through building awareness, education, and action.”

Check out the shark-grey Ti race machine after the break.

Win a Titanium Caletti Road Bike in Easton's January Dream Bike Charity Sweepstakes

easton caletti dream bike 2 unnamed

The fourth bicycle in the giveaway series comes from John Caletti, in Santa Cruz. In addition to the fact that his frames are gorgeous, John takes things a step further to keep his environmental impact to a minimum as a member of One Percent for the planet, and contributing to non-profits aimed at ocean conservation.

“I believe that we should all be doing more to protect our environment,” says Caletti. “And I’ve always been fascinated with sharks, so I’m directing all of the proceeds from this sweepstakes to Shark

The only Ti bike in the series, the 54 cm frame is fitted with a Shimano Dura Ace 9000 mechanical drivetrain, Easton EC90 components and the new EC90 Aero 55 wheels.



brattercakes - 01/03/14 - 4:15pm

I bet this is the smoothest riding bike ever made, ever.

dan - 01/03/14 - 5:13pm

new desktop background

ieuan jones - 01/03/14 - 7:38pm

I hope i win the bike as i am a keen mountain bike racer and could do with a road bike to help with my treining

Jason Spiker - 01/03/14 - 10:56pm

Sweet looking frame and super cool graphics. I am always dreaming of making a bike product that gives back, I love it.

Jason Spiker - 01/03/14 - 10:58pm

I should also mention that those new Easton aero wheels are dope. Tubeless carbon clinchers? Way to go seriously.

KinkiCycle - 01/04/14 - 4:06am

Stunning, though sadly a little too small for me!

Aaron Johnson - 01/04/14 - 8:06am

I hope this whale lands on the beach of frozen Lake Ontario in Oswego, NY!

Kovas - 01/04/14 - 1:10pm

54cm only?

Mark Guthart - 01/04/14 - 1:24pm

John builds some beautiful, fantastic riding bikes. Would love to add this one to the one I already own.

Psi Squared - 01/04/14 - 11:30pm

It’s not my size, but that won’t keep me from buying a ticket. I’d like to give those wheels a spin, and I know a few people that would love to have a 54cm frame equipped with Dura Ace 9000.

N8 - 01/05/14 - 10:00am

What a crappy charity. So you want me to donate $5 of my hard earned money to help the sharks off the coast off some 3rd world country when Sir RIchard Branson (who does PSA’s and is a supporter of the cause) could financially back the entire program?

Psi Squared - 01/05/14 - 3:49pm

Yo, N8: if you don’t want to contribute, don’t. It’s pretty easy thing to avoid doing if you’re really set against the charity. As for what Richard Branson could do, it’s really irrelevant, isn’t it? Using your logic, funding any charity would be dumb in your eyes since Richard Branson could likely fund them himself.

Note that the majority of cyclists have successfully resisted being forced to contribute to any of the charities related to the Easton Bike giveaway. I think with a little diligence and help from your loved ones, you’ll be successful in avoiding being forced to give to a charity that you think is crap. Note however, it’s unlikely there are many that care what your opinion of a given charity is, but nonetheless everyone–cyclists, environmentalists, and inhabitants of Earth in general–is very thankful for your deeply reasoned and heartfelt words.

Kyle - 01/29/14 - 3:17pm

It really sucks that you have to be on Facebook to enter these.

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