Found: Ultra Light and Very Carbon Components from BK-Composites

BK Composites XTR Carbon Shifter Bar MountSome people are a little obsessive about their dogs, for others, it’s bikes. For the person who has already splurged on everything from the best components to titanium bolts there’s BK-Composites.

The company manufacturers little carbon bits to help shed a few grams and put your build over the top. They’re like the Works Connection of the MTB world. For example, these carbon SL-M980 XTR shifter mounts will set you back 129,00€ (including your choice of black or red hardware) but shaves 20 grams!

Jump past the break to see their other carbon goodies…
BK Composites SRAM Carbon Shifter Bar MountIf you’re a groupie for SRAM gruppos, thess 13 gram shifter mounts are compatible with XX, X0, and X9 trigger shifters. These will only deplete your bank account of 79,00€ and save you 12 whole grams.

BK Composities Shimano XTR Carbon Disc Brake CApsIn addition to clamps for shifters, BK also makes headset spacers, seatpost clamps, and these replacement reservoir caps for Magura brakes. At only 2.8 grams, they’ll save you 11 grams, but be prepared to pony up 79,00€ for the privilege.

Check out more of their cool offerings here.


Troy - 12/31/13 - 11:19am

It’s not always about the weight.. Sometimes you just have to look good. If we were all purist Schwinn would still be the brand of choice.

plebs - 12/31/13 - 12:16pm

Not seen these before. I don’t assume anybody makes a carbon shifter back, might save 0.6g or something.

Slow Joe Crow - 12/31/13 - 12:17pm

Is there something peculiar about German psychology that makes them the ultimate in obsessive weight weenies? Most of the really insane bike builds and almost of the crazy light components used in these builds come form Germany like these goodies. Why don’t we ever see carbon/titanium everything from France or Canada?

Mr - 12/31/13 - 1:03pm

They’ve out-Yumeyad Yumeya.

patrik - 12/31/13 - 1:15pm

@Slow Joe Crow:

Germans are the most fit people on the planet. Ninety-eight percent of Americans would supersede the weight limitations of these components by at least 100 pounds (er, kilos).

Slow Joe Crow - 12/31/13 - 1:21pm

@patrik I would amend that statement to some Germans are the most fit people on the planet. Mercedes Benz did not decide to offer extra wide front seats and extra strong seat springs as factory options in Germany without researching the market first :).

Joe P - 12/31/13 - 2:19pm

@patrik Wow 98% is a pretty large portion of the population- if by 98% you mean a 98% of the average young men and women age 16 who weighs in the neighborhood of 130 -70 lbs being too heavy for the pieces above well that seems a bit extreme, maybe you meant 09% of the obese portion of the population, or were you saying 98% of the US population is obese- or are they large in stature? Or were you referring to the American portion of the population with German heritage? I can’t quite seem to wrap my brain around your statement…..but oh thats right a good majority of Americans are people with mostly European ancestry to begin with. Hmmm funny really.

AlanM - 12/31/13 - 2:32pm

@Joe P, I think Patrik might have been using something called sarcasm.

Psi Squared - 12/31/13 - 3:14pm

98% of all statistics given in comment sections are made up on the spot for sarcastic effect.

Ad - 12/31/13 - 3:33pm

Quite surprised this is news, they’ve been out for years.

greg - 12/31/13 - 11:02pm

im with Ad on this one. stuff is as old as the font… to the point that i thought these guys stopped making the parts. could be wrong about that though.

Ad - 01/01/14 - 1:07pm

@greg, nah, they still make parts. Always been in very small quantities though.

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