Censport Graphics’ Lust Worthy Sebastian Vettel Tribute Specialized Shiv


There are custom paint jobs, and then there are custom paint jobs. This meticulously crafted Sebastian Vettel tribute comes to us by way of Censport Graphics out of Boise, ID, who is probably better known for their custom paint work on motorsports helmets. Having painted an equally incredible Martini Porsche Shiv not too long ago, Censport it back with one wild RedBull themed TT frame that is sure to turn heads.

Specialized and Vodafone McLaren may have a partnership, but even Jenson Button would be impressed with this Shiv, after the break.




Censport’s first Shiv based masterpiece, was this Martini Porsche themed bike that was commissioned by a customer. Not content with just one work of art, the same customer came back to Censport wanting a new design based off of Sebastian Vettel’s helmets. As a huge motorsports, cycling, Vettel fan, the Tyler’s customer wanted something inspired by the 4 time world F1 champion’s helmet with holographic rainbow pin striping.


1512479_747450775284881_1037059386_n Vettel Shiv Specialized 1

Following the Red bull rhombus design, the frame features reversed color panels on either side in dark midnight navy blue metallic and royal blue chrome. All of the paint was laid over the frame after it was chromed – a process that Tyler uses for helmets, but wasn’t sure about use on a bicycle due to the variety of surfaces and curves found on the frame. In spite of the difficulty, Censport got it done and the results are quite impressive.

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Calling it the “most complex, time consuming, and ambitious thing he has ever painted,” we don’t expect this paint job to come cheap. However, if you’re looking for some truly unique, rolling art Censport may just be the place to start.





satisFACTORYrider - 12/23/13 - 9:35am

not into flashy paint jobs but that redbull ride is serious skill

i - 12/23/13 - 9:40am

I guess if you wanted to spend a ton of money on paint, rather than on a nice bike… All that and you’d still have the unending shame of riding a specialized. I’m sure they’ll sue me for saying that.

Robo - 12/23/13 - 9:42am

Oh get over it.

That thing is amazing.

Ck - 12/23/13 - 9:51am

I don’t give a crap what bike it’s on, those paint schemes are amazing. That company is going on the list of places to spend money in the incredibly unlikely event that I at some point can afford such a luxury.

brattercakes - 12/23/13 - 10:01am

That’s some serious skill, Sebastian. Respect.

Parkcyc - 12/23/13 - 10:15am

The paint jobs are amazing. Just wish they weren’t on those hideous frames.

On a side note….@Zach Overholt….it’s spelled PORSCHE. Not porche. It even says so on the frame picture you posted.

Nick - 12/23/13 - 10:34am

Wow, love the paint, not the frames. But, what else is new?

Eyal - 12/23/13 - 10:36am

I’ve noticed fewer Specialized bikes on the road in the past couple of weeks. It’s a good thing!

Paniagua - 12/23/13 - 10:50am

I know this painter (Tyler) from racing motorcycles, super nice guy, awesome work, highly recommended!!!!

wheelz - 12/23/13 - 10:57am

Nice paint job! Especially the Redbull on the Shiv!

@Eyal: I believe you’re noticing people riding less during the holidays. You seriously think somebody who currently owns a Spec has stopped riding their bike because they no longer like Spec?

Craig - 12/23/13 - 11:28am

ABSOLUTELY, INSANELY GORGEOUS!!!! Thanks for the nice Christmas gift!!!!

Dan - 12/23/13 - 11:32am

Very cool paint. Too bad it is wasted on a Specialized frame.

AlanM - 12/23/13 - 11:37am

@Dan, the guy likes his Specialized frame, let him enjoy it. Are you going to heckle people you see out riding Specialized? You don’t like Specialized, don’t buy it.

Colin - 12/23/13 - 11:53am

perfect fit, mediocre frame for a mediocre driver. I would put this in a display with all the old 1074 frames and other Lance crap

Riley - 12/23/13 - 11:54am

All of these anti-Specialized comments are getting really old. VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS! The frame they chose to paint does absolutely nothing to detract from the incredible paint job.

Gillis - 12/23/13 - 12:01pm

While it’s a technical challenge, and well accomplished, I don’t care for it. And further more, Vettel doesn’t wear the same helmet design more than once. So relating this to Vettel isn’t as accurate as saying it’s just a RedBull themed design.

Gillis - 12/23/13 - 12:03pm

That said, except for the way the S-works logo was done, I find the Martini design quite fetching.

Robo - 12/23/13 - 1:13pm

holy ballz, colin, if 4 consecutive F1 championships only qualifies one as a mediocre driver in your eyes, I’d hate to know what you’ve gotta do to be above average.

PROEDGEBIKER.COM - 12/23/13 - 2:04pm

Matte Black for me please!

Colin - 12/23/13 - 2:11pm

robo, this is the most neutered era in modern F1. drivers are told to drive to a lap delta that is much less than the car or driver is capable of just to preserve their intentionally fragile tires and limited fuel capacity. Pair that with a team principal that is known for getting rules changed to allow them to run tech they have been developing for long than other teams and an unlimited budget provided by an eccentric Austrian buisness man and you get 4 wins in a row by a mediocre driver.

roll back the rules to ’06-’08 and drivers like alonso and hamilton would beat the pants off of seb

Aaron - 12/23/13 - 2:25pm

Sure seemed to me that Seb’s lap delta was always faster than anyone else. Good driver. Good car.

Colin - 12/23/13 - 3:02pm

Im not going to argue that vettle and redbull aren’t the best at playing the game. I’m just saying that the current game in F1 isn’t “who’s the best driver in the world” it’s “who can best fit in this tiny shoe box that the FIA has made for them in a sad attempt to boost ratings and make Bernie Eckelstone more money”

For best driver I would have to refer you to the top gear F1 drivers board where Vettle is third by a good margin and Fernando “I like to speak Italian on race radio even though the rules clearly state that I need to speak English but the FIA won’t do anything about it because it’s Ferrari” Alonso hasn’t even done a lap.

Gillis - 12/23/13 - 4:23pm

Seb weighs less, that’s about it.

“Five kilos is nearly 0.2 seconds a lap. That’s about the average difference between Vettel and his former team-mate Mark Webber in qualifying – and it’s also not far off the weight difference between them.” http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/formula1/25434349

Put any top driver in the same car and they will do just as well if not better than Seb.

Joe Schmoe - 12/23/13 - 4:24pm

K. Specialized got a black eye with their recent lawsuit BS. Bad move. But anybody who thinks that they don’t make nice bikes is confused. Alan and Riley get it. Don’t like em, don’t buy em.

Plus, Mike Sinyard is a bad ass who has done more for cycling than…well…then a lot of people. I wouldn’t be surprised if dude was out riding his bike when the lawsuits and letters were being thought up. Ha.

billy sanborn - 12/23/13 - 4:46pm

I had the Porsche frame in my hands at a shop in Palo Alto a year and a half or so ago. The paint was so thick that is chipped up really bad when the bars were turned.

Mark - 12/23/13 - 10:18pm

Dear assembled masses,
Pardon me for wondering but am I actually on the wrong web page? Is this a page for bitchy, sour, self opinionated bike snobs or people interested in interesting bike features?

greg - 12/23/13 - 10:58pm

the former. i have yet to find the latter.

cyclingindustryguy - 12/23/13 - 11:45pm

Mark, thank you for pointing that out. It continues to amaze me at how many of these guys continue to be negative but are the same guys bitching why people don’t respect cyclists. You get what you put out there I suppose.

Psi Squared - 12/24/13 - 2:20am

It seems the topic of the story hasn’t penetrated the thick skulls of so many cyclists. It’s a story about Censport’s work, not Specialized. Censport didn’t even pick the bike. That was a customer’s choice. Of course that means it’s likely someone here will slag the customer.

Why is it this situation is repeated ad infinitum? Is it a lack of critical thinking? Is it a lack of reading comprehension? Is it a problem with short term memory? Are that many cyclists educated that poorly? Or is it that so many cyclists are snobs, elitists, and just mean, nasty people?

Censport’s work looks ace. Maybe it’s too flashy for some, but that’s merely a matter of personal taste. The quality of the work is certainly not in doubt.

Floris - 12/24/13 - 6:30am

I love the painting. beautiful colorscheme

SLCBrandon - 12/24/13 - 11:13am

Amen, Mark! I don’t know why I read the comments anymore, you can pretty much assume they are all just some blowhard, negative comment that the person likely wouldn’t say to the writer, builder or bike owners face.

Side note, I have 3 S-Works bikes….please(!) heckle me when you see me on the road.

Kris - 12/30/13 - 10:38am

Wow! amazing work Censport So a super rich, super fan of Vettel commissioned this work. Who is super rich and into cycling and motorsport? Mark Webber perhaps :)

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