Limited Edition Santa Cruz V10 Greg Minaar Replica Downhill Mountain Bike Unveiled


Wanna see what you can do with the same bike as three-time World Champion downhiller Greg Minaar? If you act fast, you could do just that.

Santa Cruz has released 25 replica V10 complete with hometown paint scheme, all built on the same stock V10 frame he used to win the finals in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, in September. Build spec mirrors his sponsorship deals, with custom 808mm wide ENVE MinaarBar, shortened Shimano cassette, Burgtec stem and more from Chris King, Gamut and Maxxis.

Two of them were spoken for at the brand’s Christmas party, the other 23 are en route to shops and distributors. Ready to send your savings downhill just as fast Minaar falls through the trail? Drop in and see what $11,000 gets you, then contact your local Santa Cruz dealer and have them order it up before they’re all gone…



  • Available: S, M, L & XL
  • 7.9 lb (3.6 kg) M size with Fox DHX RC4 shock with 9.5” x 3.0” steel coil
  • 10” (25.4cm) to 8.5” (21.6cm) of adjustable travel
  • Custom South African decal set
  • Molded rubber swingarm and downtube protectors
  • Integrated fork bumpers with cable guide
  • Carbon upper link – increased stiffness
  • Forged aluminum lower link with recessed grease ports
  • Collet axle pivots – lock in place without pinch bolts
  • Direct mount rear derailleur hanger
  • Full carbon dropouts and disk mounts
  • Co-molded aluminum hardware on upper pivot and bottom bracket – no bonding



  • Chris King headset and hubs, with 157mm rear axle spacing for easier wheel installation.
  • ENVE carbon 808mm wide Special Edition Minnaarbar handlebar and ENVE carbon seat post
  • Burgtec direct-mount stem
  • Shimano Saint 165mm cranks with 36T front chain ring
  • 7-speed 11-19 cassette
  • Shimano Saint brakes with 203mm rotors front & rear
  • WTB custom Minnaar Silverado saddle
  • Gamut P38 chain device
  • Marsh Guard front fender
  • Replica number plate







The bikes also come with a replica race jersey and number plate.


Matt - 12/15/13 - 10:18am

Any word about what’s custom about the bar? I imagine it’s not just that it’s 8mm wider than stock.

meiro - 12/15/13 - 10:22am

the bar come with graphics :)

pornitswhatlwouldratherbmaking - 12/15/13 - 11:28am

8cm doesnt seem like much vs the normal 800. But, Mr. Minaar is the world champ and l am not.

LP - 12/15/13 - 1:06pm

Does it come with a flat tire?

Devin - 12/15/13 - 2:09pm

I would think this is a hard sell, but I could be way off. DHers aren’t much of the “old dude in the full Discovery kit on a replica Trek” kind of crowd.

Call420 - 12/15/13 - 2:40pm

Yeah, you never see downhillers emulating their heroes by riding the bike they do and wearing the brands of their sponsors. Same phenom, different look

nh - 12/15/13 - 5:55pm

Why not put the FOX RAD suspension on the bike. 11k and you don’t even get the Ti spring for the shock.

Max - 12/16/13 - 12:33am

You don’t get the RAD suspension because you’re not on the Fox Factory team. There are world cup downhillers who don’t get RAD suspension.

Santa Cruz probably doesn’t throw in the Ti spring because they have no idea what you weigh, but I’m sure the shop that sells you the $11k bike will hook you up when you pull out your credit card.

satisFACTORYrider - 12/16/13 - 10:18am

you don’t even get the ti spring…that’s funny.

captain derp - 12/16/13 - 10:41am

just to put this in perspective… the v10c w/ enve build (stock build with stock graphics) costs 10k. so this “team replica” is only an extra grand really. still absurd for a DH bike.

aaron - 12/16/13 - 1:29pm

its a nice bike and build. but i would feel like a poser showing up with this bike.

Mac - 12/16/13 - 3:01pm

So maybe one of y’all downhill wonder boys can tell me why an 11-19 7-speed. Just wonderin’.

captain derp - 12/16/13 - 3:52pm

mac – those gear sizes simply aren’t needed in a DH race (at least at the world cup level, its not uncommon for dh pros to do this, and drop the gears they won’t use for a given course). and the 19t cog is only used to get out of the gate.

mac - 12/16/13 - 6:48pm

aye Cap’n, I got the 19 figured out. I’m wondering why Minnaar has a 7-speed spec at all.

captain derp - 12/17/13 - 7:33am

because a 11-25 10speed dura-ace cassette chopped to the 19t cog results in a 7spd cassette.

ditching those 3 largest gears isn’t a ton of weight, but it is unsprung weight, and PMB was a long pedally track

Ham-planet - 12/20/13 - 12:08am

But Minnaar says he needs all ten gears – I want them all too!

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