Scapin Updates the Custom Ivor with More Options, More Colors

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Looking for a custom, carbon road bike? Building on their original design, Scapin is expanding your options with their revised 2014 Ivor. Similar in overall design to the 2012 Ivor, Scapin is offering the custom build with more options including components, colors, and sizes.

See how Ivor has changed after the break!

Ivor - IV 432_S3

Ivor - NA 400_S2 Ivor - IV 437_S1

One of the biggest structural changes to the Ivor is the addition of an optional adjustable aero seat post instead of the  S-Way ISP. The ISP will still be available, but if you would rather have a more traditional adjustable seat post, it’s now an option. Additionally, the 2014 Ivor is lighter with a new Toray T-800 High Modulus UD carbon layup for their TT Matrix frame construction. Said to incorporate the best of both monocoque and hand wrapped tube to tube construction, TT Matrix combines the two build techniques in different areas of the frame in order to produce the stiffest, lightest frame that still has a great ride. Comfort is also provided through their CFS (Comfort Flex System) seat stays which were also found on the previous model. The slender, curved stays are designed to absorb more road vibration than standard stays, while maintaining the frame’s racy feel.

Ivor - IV 430_S3

When you’re spending $4,995 on a frameset, the finish is just as important as the fit, so Scapin is offering 7 new color combinations including Naked black, Ruby Red (my personal favorite), neon Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue, and of course, the Italia white/red/green option above. The custom finish also includes the option for your name to be added to the top or down tube.


The Ivor is available in 6 stock sizes, or the optional full custom made-to-measure geometry. Frames are built with the ability to run mechanical or electronic internally routed cables, a tapered 1.5″ steerer, PFBB86 bottom bracket, and are all hand made in Italy and include a lifetime warranty.

Ivor frames are available through Stage Race Distribution, and to celebrate the launch of their new webstore, they are offering a special 10% discount from now until Christmas day with the use of coupon code “Intro10″!

Retail Pricing:

  • Dura-Ace Di2 – 22S-$10,995
  • Record EPS – 22S-$10,999
  • Ultegra Di2 – 22S -$8,099
  • Dura-Ace – 22S -$9,195
  • Sram Red – 22S -$9,095
  • Record – 22S -$8,475
  • Chorus – 22S -$7,350
  • Ultegra – 22S -$6,299
  • Sram Force – 22S  – $6,299
  • Ultegra Mix – 22S – $5,999


DeadHorse - 12/09/13 - 5:26pm

The “S” on the seat tube sure looks familiar – better hope I’m the only one to recognize it…

puffy - 12/09/13 - 5:27pm

I bet it rides Just Like Heaven

boobie - 12/09/13 - 5:35pm

Yea, that “S” sure looks like a poor choice.

Eyal - 12/09/13 - 5:51pm

Oh my gwaad. The big S will scorch the earth underneath these guys!

rob - 12/09/13 - 6:02pm

pretty sure specialized also has exclusive use of the word Ruby. just sayin…

Quickie - 12/09/13 - 6:30pm

Specialized also holds all rights to the color red and the use of two wheels on a bicycle. Prepare for legal battle.

Trey R - 12/09/13 - 7:28pm

Home boy from The Cure rides one…… How cool is that?

Loyd Flanders - 12/09/13 - 7:46pm

S, C, A, P, and I are all in the trademarked name Specialized , watch out Scapin, they are after you!

pornitswhatlwouldratherbmaking - 12/09/13 - 8:26pm

Robert Smith rides one? Cool. Those are hot And l love the colors except the white.

Ajax - 12/09/13 - 9:08pm

LOL! Check out the rookies new to cycling in this thread.

FYI. Scapin is an older Italian company. Even older than Specialized.

Xris - 12/09/13 - 10:32pm

I got to hold one of these frames in person and pictures do not do these justice by any stretch. Absolutely gorgeous pieces of work.

THAT GUY - 12/10/13 - 12:34am

Mods, I demand you delete Ajax’s post. Specialized has a new aero optimization program in place that they have trademarked as “Whoosh!!!”

Stage-Race Distribution - 12/10/13 - 3:45am

Thanks everyone! Yes the Scapin’s are even more amazing in person, and also boast a heritage of over building over 5 decades of phenomenal Italian racing bicycles.
Please note that coupon code for 10%-off in our online store is “Intro10” until X-Mas day.

wako29 - 12/10/13 - 8:26am

So…why exactly would you choose something like this instead of something from Project One? Way more paint options including ACTUAL customization, way more drivetrain options, individually choose the parts, etc. It just blows my mind that Trek are the only ones that offer this.

Stage-Race Distribution - 12/10/13 - 10:36am

Hey Wako29 – we actually do offer full custom builds on all models for our US dealers and consumers – just contact us at to chat about options.
Plus, we offer fully custom geometry options, which most competitors do not.

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