Moar Cowbell! Moots Selling Oversized Ti Sticks for Colorado Flood Relief

Moots Ti_Sticks_large

In what’s becoming a yearly tradition, Moots is yet again offering an extremely limited run of “Ti Sticks” to help you cheer on your favorite cyclocross racers. Over the years Moots has made a few of the Ti Sticks by hand, using drops or scraps from their manufacturing that can’t be used to build bikes. Instead of recycling them, these drops have been welded and finished by hand into some of the most bad ass cowbell alternatives around. This year’s versions are a little different as they use oversized tubing. Also as part of the tradition, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to a worthy cause – this year for The Great Colorado Flood Relief. Moots is a Colorado based company, and many in the cycling community were impacted by the devastation from this year’s flooding, so what better way to give back?

Pick up a Ti Stick for yourself for $100 a piece, and feel good knowing that while you’re cheering on the great racing at Cyclocross Nationals in Boulder, you helped get the great state back on their feet!


vectorbug - 12/09/13 - 3:11pm

Also useful for testing anodizing and sandblasting. Some sand blasters/powder coaters insist on bringing in a sample if they don’t have much experience with Ti.

Mattbyke - 12/09/13 - 3:31pm

As a working percussion man in a few bands, this could be a unique addition to my joyous noise maker collection!

Robb - 12/09/13 - 4:01pm

TI sticks?
Soon to be legal in Colorado?

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