Stone Cold Outdoor’s Bike Cooler Bag Insulated Panniers Keep Refreshments Chilled

Stone Cold Outdoor Bike Cooler Bag insulated cycling pannier bags

If you’re not using both sides of your bike for important stuff, sub in the Bike Cooler Bag and take along some refreshments.

The insulated panniers will hold two large water bottles, or a six pack, or two bottles of wine or some other assortment of food and drink. And assuming they’re cold to begin with, they’ll keep them at a pleasantly imbibable temperature for up to six hours. Inventor Ted Stone came up the idea after a long ride in the Flint Hills of Kansas with no water stops for many, many miles. A couple prototypes later, he ordered up a container load and here we are. He says he’s discovered it’s even more fun bringing a few frosty beverages along for the ride, but water works, too.

It uses a lightweight aluminum frame to keep its shape and has zippered outer pocket with five pouches inside to keep little things organized. Retail is $29.95, and he’s got a few other goodies on his website (like a sweet, lockable alloy rack trunk!).


Maddogeco - 12/08/13 - 6:01pm

That’s a good idea. I nearly said cool idea it I’m but I’m saving my puns for later today.

King County - 12/09/13 - 12:32pm

Looks good, and the price is great.

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