Video: Hotwheels meets Dirt Jumps, BMX Rider lands first BMX Dirt Loop

The full loop is a an impressive stunt that rarely materializes due the the lack of naturally occurring full pipes of the right size. So Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark teamed up with RedBull and the rest is on tape.

POV after the break

Doesn’t look so bad from that angle….


rico - 12/05/13 - 5:12pm

More impressive on a skateboard. That is a wood loop with a lil dirt on it.

Star - 12/05/13 - 5:13pm

Back flip-loop-front flip….typical session.
Nice work!

Will - 12/05/13 - 6:08pm

Not that I would ever have the nuts to ride a loop, but what’s the big deal about that? if it were an actual tunnel into dirt or something, then it would be kinda cool, but that’s just a wooden ramp. BMX-ers aren’t finally running out of ideas are they??

Ben - 12/05/13 - 8:42pm

Saris, you might want to correct the title. That is not a dirt loop, perhaps “dirty loop”?

Topmounter - 12/06/13 - 12:27pm

“…on tape”… really? I find that incredibly hard to believe.

And where is the helmet cam?

dudewhat - 12/06/13 - 1:58pm

This hadnt been done yet? Hmm. Not all that stoked!

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