Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Pony Ridge Trail – Adelaide, South Australia


Photos submitted by Matt Ackland, “Whilst out on a 120km Marathon Ride over the weekend, I met up with a photography enthusiast friend for a few shots on the ‘Pony Ridge’ trail! On the way up it’s 25 degrees in places and a real leg smasher, but on the way down, its smooth berms! Photographer: George Ramsay.” More pics after the break.

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Jack - 11/27/13 - 7:48am

Woooah, cross chained or too short chain length 1*x system? Groovy climb though.

Gunnstein - 11/27/13 - 8:14am

I hope you meant 25 % grade because 25 degrees is nearly 50 %, not sure that’s rideable at all.

RideBeerSleep - 11/27/13 - 9:18am

That first shot is an amazing photograph

Shredder - 11/27/13 - 9:58am

I took that to mean 25 degrees Celsius, but I might be mistaken.

Matt Ackland - 11/27/13 - 5:17pm

@Jack… it’s 1×10 39t Front and there’s still room for the cage to move so don’t panic… I think the angle makes it look worse.
@Gunnstein.. yep 25% Grade.
@Shredder… that particular day was 37 degrees Celsius… in spring….

Steve - 12/02/13 - 6:07am

Cool looking kit.
What brand is that?

Matt Ackland - 12/02/13 - 5:21pm

@Steve… It’s Lapin

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