Video: Afghan Cycles Trailer

Joining Wadjida on the list of exciting films about cycling coming out of the Middle East and Asia is Afghan Cycles. This documentary about the Women’s National Cycling Team of Afghanistan is expected out next year. The obstacles these ladies face puts a little perspective on our daily gripes…

Thanks to Shawn McCann for the tip.


Josh - 11/22/13 - 9:49am

Love the old Rutgers kit

RyanC - 11/22/13 - 10:57am

That’s the best thing i’ve seen this week!

Ed - 11/22/13 - 12:26pm

Unless there’s been some serious techtonic shifts recently Afghanistan is not located in the Middle East.

Kristi Benedict - 11/22/13 - 1:05pm

Ed, Ugh, my mistake! Added “Asia” to the mix.

chasejj - 11/22/13 - 3:35pm

The sad reality is these women will probably die for their defiance of a babaric culture they live in.
Next time you support any form of the liberals Islamic capitulation agenda, remember that is reality.

Surly Shawn - 11/30/13 - 8:14am

Awesome! I wish these riders much luck in changing attitudes about women and cycling, everywhere.

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